Japan will respond if S Korea seizes Japanese assets: Aso


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"or else...! or else... ...! or else... ... ..., never mind!"
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Oops, I THINK this topic will drag out every single "I love only Japan and I DO hate so very much Korea and China" poster (could use another word here) and who will "stir the pot" and show to the world the smallness of their worldview. Shame as it is all "wrestling" just for show. But as the USA's GDP dropped 33% (the great depression's had a 15%) and since we ARE heading into a great depression, maybe grabbing each other's assets AND resources will be the "thing to do" because there are no other options.

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There's the option of not grabbing each other's assets

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Grabbing each other’s assets - sounds painful !

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we would have no choice but to respond, so we must avoid that from happening," he said.

There is nothing Japan can do. Korea already vowed to replicate any retaliatory move Japan makes.


There's the option of not grabbing each other's assets

Japanese government can't grab Korean assets.

There is a direct harmer-harmed relationship between Japanese corporations whose assets are being seized vs the forced laborers who are seeking damages.

No such harmer-harmed relationship between Korean corporations in Japan and the Japanese government.

Asset seizure has been ruled out according to reports and Japanese government will retaliate by banning Japanese banks from making loans to Korean companies and raising tariffs instead. Korean government already pledged to match every move Japan makes.

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Thanks for the insight Samit Basu, your sober keen take on issues is always welcome.

My comment however was not about the article, merely a comment on the post directly above it =)

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Q: Which countries' assets and patrimony were grabbed by Japan beginning in 191O?

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It is estimated that Aso Mining used approximately 10,000 slave laborers (including POWs) in its mines during the war so it is hardly surprising that Aso should be upset about this development.

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South Korea's got more to lose. Japan should go tit-for-tat with them if it comes down to it.

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South Korea is clearly in violation of the 1965 treaty normalizing relations between Japan and South Korea.

Article 2:

"1 The High Contracting Parties confirm that the problems concerning property, rights, and interests of the two High Contracting Parties and their peoples (including juridical persons) and the claims between the High Contracting Parties and between their peoples, including those stipulated in Article IV(a) of the Peace Treaty with Japan signed at the city of San Francisco on September 8, 1951, have been settled completely and finally."

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