Japan woos Africa with funds for peace and security


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Funds for "peace and security", that's code word for come with me against China. Why is Abe so bent on making Japan/China relation bad? Is it not already dangerously far in that direction? Does he not care any more? Can't just blame China on its recent postering. You got to remember that China has never once attacked Japan in its long history. You cannot count the two Mongul attempts. That's not Chinese.

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Watch that Ethiopia doesn't find some of this money, use it, along with Abe's talk of rejoining ethnic groups as excuse to re-invade Eritrea.. Because "War is Peace" $320 million is huge. Japan's own foreign military base in neighbouring Djibouti only cost $40. I wonder if Abe has plans to visit to highlight its importance to the region and er.. its existence?

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Abe seems bent on souring relations with China in order to stop the current US policy of not taking sides in disputes between China / Japan / South Korea. He also appears to be building an economic "insurance policy", by courting African countries to support him. If the US doesn`t jump the way he wishes, he always has his "newly bought" friends in Africa

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Japan is so far removed from Africa and knows next to nothing about Africa. Well Abe can pour money into Africa. Let's see when the actions come to haunt him. With political strife in Africa, I reckon it will be very soon. I give it 2 years!

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There's definitely something wrong pathologically with Abe. Perhaps people should listen to what his wife says about him. He is going about politics in a sadistic way. Do Japanese people really feel he represents them? Or are they temporarily blinded by the mirage of economic recovery?

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Stop giving my tax money away.

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Stop giving my tax money away

(I also feel he could have made an effort to be seen taking pictures with an up-to-date smartphone. The phone he has in the picture is out of date by a few years.) All the Japanese want is someone who gives them a sense of "economic security". It was much the same in the last days of the Roman republic, people sacrificed their personal freedom in exchange for better economic conditions

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