Foreign Ministry official reprimanded for drunken violence


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Quality ldp official as ever.

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"We take this case very seriously"

Oh yes, by "reprimanding" a government official guilty of assault. An entitled elite no doubt paid an enormous salary (from our taxes). And unwilling to elaborate on the details is the real kicker. You the people will get no transparency. Just vague assurances that he'll get a stern talking to.

Further evidence, as if any is needed, that bullying is rampant in this country from top to bottom. I wonder who brought this to light, a lawmaker, a fellow bureaucrat or one of the reporter.

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Send him back to work in Congo.

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when he joined a gathering of lawmakers, bureaucrats and reporters on Nov 22 in central Tokyo, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Is the word scum offencive/ vullger? Appropriate? Lawmakers bureaucrats and reporters what a snap shot of all that's wrong with governance in Japan.

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A disgrace to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And this guy was a former Japanese ambassador to Congo. Think what could have happened if he had done his misconduct in another country. The Foreign Ministry should fire him immediately with no severance pay.

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What the hell does this even mean? This is not the name of a country. Don't be such slackers - do your research.

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Later on he'll bow and apologize and say "Well, if I did do that, I'm sorry. But, I don't remember cuz I was drunk."

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They say that alcohol brings out the ‘real’ in people. This fella kicked and abused an underling for not kowtowing enough. Doesn’t get more real than that.

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Sounds like typical sempai/kohai stuff...…..you know...………""culture""

Add this example to the ""culture"" of Japanese "justice"!!

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This article bodes well with the photo from the other day of the foolish politicians scrambling to get to the new foreign worker bill in parliament.

People just accept this kind of as normal from a senior. In other countries they would be jailed or just smacked down. He will use the ‘I was drunk’ card, make a few apologetic bows and be back on his merry way abusing people.

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Grumpy old men strike again? They are everywhere? Mostly is positions of power.

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So the going punishment for assault is a reprimand!

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"What the hell does this even mean? This is not the name of a country. Don't be such slackers - do your research."

The Democratic Republic of the Congo also known as DR Congo, the DRC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo.

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But not "Congo". That is not the name of either the DRC or the neighbouring Republic of the Congo.

This is a news site, and ought at least to be able to get its facts right, not just guess. In an age where information is seconds away, there is no excuse for this.

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Whats that saying about spilt milk again?

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The photo in the other news story would appear to suggest strong violence:


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He sounds charming, and he was an ambassador for Japan too.

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it's bonenkai/shin-nenkai season. get ready for drunken violence on the daily.

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Send him to the Congo he's free to leave

There's always somewhere anybody can lead

Send him to the Congo you have to believe

You can do it if you want to just do what you please

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He should be fired.

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