Japanese lawmaker's secretary contracts coronavirus


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Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?

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Do the hustleToday 04:13 pm JST

Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?

They find it too hard to keep their noses in the trough while teleworking they need to be up close.

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Interesting to see the treatment and follow up the Feudal elite get when compared to Joe average.

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The Hatoyama's are Japan's oldest modern political family going back to the Meiji era, and of course an old samurai family. The samurai never gave up their grip on power.

Nothing to do with coronavirus, but an interesting insight into how power is inherited in Japan.

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Do the hustle: "Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?"

They all got pages and faxes that they are required to go in to Hanko.

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To scared not to do something yet to scared to do something. Sit around and do the usual while everyone does.

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A few thousand positive cases in Japan, but already a dozen or so high profile cases. Something doesn't add up. Either the virus preferentially targets the famous/public figures, or the true number of positive cases in Japan is a magnitude larger than currently reported. Watch this space...

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Masks are not a substitute for social distancing. Why isn’t it being prioritised?

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Ah_so, agree, fascinating. Would the secretary of a low level manager in a smaller firm receive the same treatment? Unfortunately I suspect the answer is no.

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Look carefully at the picture. Two of the law makers are touch the mouth areas of their masks. Perfect way to spread it.

But the ramen guy down the block cannot get tested.

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In circumstances like these, these people should only be there when they have to vote on something.

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said Monday one of the lawmaker's secretaries has contracted the new coronavirus,

New? What is this, spinning for Abe? It's been around for awhile but judging by actions of Japan, they hardly knew it exists? Or at least not till after the Olympic postponement? Naw. Even then, it isn't 'new', at all.

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These tax robbers, showing up to work "diligently" to appeal about how hard working they are.

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@Do the hustleToday  04:13 pm JST

Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?

cos then it would be evident how little these over privileged, blue bloods do everyday.

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The US never removed Japanese aristocracy. The incompetence and nepotism live on.

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“Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?”

They want to prove how hard working they are (although nobody cares).

They can’t bear the thought of spending extra time at home with the strangers who live there.
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Do the hustleToday  04:13 pm JST

Why aren’t these cronies teleworking?

Because in the word teleworking, there is the word working.

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Wait and still they don’t want to do a lockdown?? So what on Earth will it take for people to get the message this virus is no joke?

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It's clear from the Photo, that those facemasks are of the disposable type, and everyone is wearing one... they're also the type that can no longer be purchased within Tokyo... so I wonder, who was really behind the hoarding ... Chinese certainly, but it also looks like the Lawmakers themselves have had a hand in the situation too. I hope the local Japanese who can vote, note this point... but I guess many of them too have their own stocks of boxes of facemasks.

I bet these Lawmakers laughed to themselves, about giving every Family 2 cloth Face-masks - which really means only 1 individual can go out to buy provisions, since upon return, you have to wash & dry out the mask - not that it's effective.

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those facemasks are of the disposable type... they're also the type that can no longer be purchased within Tokyo... 

Masks are widely and readily available in Shin-Okubo (Tokyo) so called Korean town. They are for sale in boxes of 50, 20, 10, and 7. They are what I call the Ultraman masks, seamed together in the front and middle of the face.

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With the average age of these politicians, COVID could potentially wipe out 15% of the top levels of the Japanese government.

You'd think they would take lethal threats a little more seriously.

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Well, well, politicians of Japan. It seems its finally reached Kasumi-ga-seki. What are you going to do now?

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