Mayor ready to apologize for telling reporter 'I'll kill you'


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Actually threatening to "kill" someone is a crime, and if the reporter chooses to, has the right to file a complaint with the police department. If he has the conversation on tape, he has a good chance the cops will take it seriously, of course it all depends on the situation.

We will deal with this matter appropriately after confirming what happened," said a spokesman for the newspaper

Which means, the guy isnt running for reelection so we'll just wait it out!

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And here I was thinking that Japanese people had more decorum?

I guess not...

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Please tell me he said it like Achmed the Dead Terrorist.


"I kill you!"

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Will someone tell this reporter he is only allowed to asked submitted and supportive questions to politicians? How dare he question authority! This is Japan busta, you two the line or well, die.

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But it what this thug said is anything but.

Should be removed from office if true.

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Geeze!!! I actually laughed when I first heard this...sounds like something out of a comic book.

More and more (the world over and regardless of political party/"affiliation") reporters are only allowed to ask scripted questions. This is one of the problems I had with President Obama as his administration was quite opaque, however he had far too much decorum to make the kind of statement the Nishinomiya mayor made.

The divide between the political/wealthy/connected class and we plebians is continuing to increase. However the awakening down the road may be a bit tough for some of these folks

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This is the mayor of my city. I sincerely hope he doesn't stand for re-election becuase he'd probably win.

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Well if he loses his re-election I'm sure the Yamaguchi-Gumi could use him. Heck... that might be where he started out in the first place.

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thats a good way to fend off questions I guess

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What a great mayor

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Should be removed from office if true.

Should be arrested if true. I'd sure like to see that. Not the kind of role model you expect to see the mayor be, but more idiots on the internet should see that threatening murder a criminal offense that leads to arrest.

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Any politician refusing to engage in simple discourse should be fired. You can't have accountability without it.

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Sounds like he is using Trump's playbook!

Also, in Japanese "korosu" or "bukorosu" seem much less severe than in English. In fact my sons will say "bukorosu" to each other if they touch each other's toys, etc.

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Any Major who can’t handle a simple reporter can’t really handle anything expected of their job and are therefore unfit to be in that position. The second that town has a crisis this is the first guy who is going to fold. Arrogant and self entitled beyond belief.

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Look again at the circumstances. Quote: "The reporter was trying to double-check after the mayor said during a ceremony marking the first working day of the year, held at the city hall earlier in the day, that he would not run in the mayoral election slated in April."

The mayor has just said he will not run again. What part of that did the reporter not understand? The only conclusion is that the reporter needs ammunition to use against him, to pin him down, just in case the mayor actually does decide to run again.

Put this way, I can see how the reporter's question needled the mayor, and why the mayor lost it with him. Not that I am excusing anything, but it does take two to tango.

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Who does the guy think he is, Donald Trump? And equally as stupid, obvious, if he thinks making death threats to a REPORTER on record will go over. Well, it IS Japan, so likely nothing will come of it despite it being a crime.

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Wow that reporter must have really have a track record of annoying that mayor.

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At least he has a pair.

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At least he has a pair. a pair of tiny nads if he cant answer a simple question without getting angry. LOL

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The reporter showed up at his house during the New Year holiday and asked for an interview, and he said no. The reporter kept approaching the house and was really pushy about it. So evidently he blew up when the same guy asked him a question at the event.

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Also, in Japanese "korosu" or "bukorosu" seem much less severe than in English. In fact my sons will say "bukorosu" to each other if they touch each other's toys, etc.

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What a superior attitude, really, a major saying that?

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In fact my sons will say "bukorosu" to each other if they touch each other's toys, etc.

In English too, I think kids use "kill" in a similar way. Certainly where I was brought up. Perhaps that just highlights the childishness of the mayor.

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Definitely inappropriate and do not condone such speech, but do you actually think the mayor was threatening to kill the reporter? That expression isn’t to be taken literally. It is equivalent telling someone to eff off.

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It is unfortunate that the Mayor had used the word ,when not required. At the same time, the reporters infringe upon the rights of individuals, who neither can move freely nor able to have their own moments.

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theres a Facebook page about him now...

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Maybe he meant to say "kobosu" as in " I'm going to spill... your blood!"

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If the reporter was in fact "trespassing" on his property, the mayor has the right to defend his family. These days, just because someone says they are a reporter, doesn't necessary mean he/she is a reporter. Many crazies out there these days.

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Provoked? Probably. Some antagonism on the reporters part of this equation. But let's take this on a personal level. We all know the strategy. Push, push, no one else notices you doing anything, and then boom! You've made the other guy look bad when he responds. What...this is first year debate classroom strategy. I keep poking the side of your head with my finger, then you punch me. We all need classes on how we all get set up by certain types of people. And politicians should either know better, or be more creative in their buffer zones. Ultimately, the best solution is staying closer to the people you represent. In the neighborhoods. In the streets. What phrase do you use when you're pushed? Is it from a movie, or your father? Or Margret Mitchell?

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I guess we won't ever see this mayor answer questions to NHK then!

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