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Ministry punishes 11 officials for ethics code violations involving Suga's son


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Reprimands? Oh no. I hope they didn't also get Scolded; that would be unbearable.

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@Aly Rustom

salary cuts- sure. Who wants to bet they'll get a later bonus in the year when its all forgotten.

Came here to comment exactly this.

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"Leave the Dad alone." How incredibly lame. The point being, he IS Suga's son, which allows access. Kinda like Hunter Biden.

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How about we just eliminate those 11, Suga Jr. and anyone else involve.

Then we can eradicate the cancer all at once, whaddaya say?

Who's coming with me through the quad?!?!?

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Also, I am doing a cost average among the people involved. I realize some people will receive more, while others will receive less and I understand that all 11-13 people wont be receiving gifts at the same time. Just the total amount listed of $5700 over 40 occasions didn't seem like much.

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Maybe its the wording but it doesn't seem like much of a bribe. Regardless, it was wrong.

A ministry internal investigation found that the ministry officials received dinners and gifts totaling about 600,000 yen ($5,700) on around 40 occasions from 2016 to 2019.

$5,700.00 ÷ 40 occassions = $142.50 ÷ 11 people = $12.95, but

$5,700.,00 X 40 occassions = $228,000 ÷ 11 people = $20,728.00 per person.

Maybe its my math, but I think its more reasonable to assume it was closer to the $20,728.00. $12.95 per person isn't much of a bribe.

Can someone clarify for me?

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So, no more steak for several months;natto is the order of the day!

A harsh punishment-who said there is no justice?

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No punishment for the PM or his son?

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The National Public Service Ethics Law prohibits government officials from accepting treats, gifts or entertainment from individuals or companies seeking favorable treatment.

Let me get this straight, so they broke a law, but they are punished, not arrested?

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The whole thing is pathetic at all levels!

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Dear lord. Looks like Junior lives in the seediest part of Kabikicho. 

No surprise there. The LDP was formed partially with Yakuza money. Would make sense that the son of the PM would be found there- probably securing votes and other forms of support

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Dear lord. Looks like Junior lives in the seediest part of Kabikicho. Not the sort of image Papa PM wants to project. Yes, indeed, trying to give Biden-Trump Jrs a run for their money.

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$700 a head!

How the other privileged half live eh?


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The case surfaced after weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun reported that Seigo Suga and other executives from satellite broadcaster Tohokushinsha Film had entertained the officials at the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, which regulates communications business.

Bunshun's web article carries some photos of the "First Son", Seigo Suga. Though I try not to judge people by appearance, I admit it's appalling. Troublesome as Hunter Biden/Trump Jr.



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Instead of the usuall nonsense, bowing and apologizing, I'd me more interested now, the Ministry prevents this from happening again and what steps it has taken so such situation will not happen. Sure, maybe weeabos will start pointing out that corruption is in other countries as well. Yup, correct. But I can't think of a country where this kind of corruption and bribery takes place in public, no Japanese law or regulation specifically restricts bribery of private persons. They get "treated" publicly, everyone can see, but if they claim they visited not as a politician but a private person, it's fine.

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penalties including salary cuts and reprimands

throw them to detention, solitary confinement, and make them confess anything to throw them to jail.

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If and When the Japanese media starts to have full access to public information and it's freedom is fully protected , only then we will start to know what goes on behind government closed doors.

The government Good Old Boys are having a trouble accepting the new reality of freedom of the press these days i think.

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Once your kids become adults, you can’t change them. Over twenty in Japan...adult. Arrest the son but leave the dad alone.

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Sounds like American politics. "Son? What son?" When problems arise.

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"I don't know what my son does", wasn't there a ubiquitous tv host who's son beat a taxi drive who "retired" due to the scandal? Seems if that chap bows out from entertainment that politicians should at least do the same.

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On Wednesday, the ministry announced penalties including salary cuts and reprimands for the 11 ministry officials

salary cuts- sure. Who wants to bet they'll get a later bonus in the year when its all forgotten.

reprimands? what are they, schoolboys? LOCK THEM UP!

"I'm very sorry about my son's involvement that led to illegal activity, and I would like to apologize to the people,(asterisk) Suga said.

Its ok sweetheart- no one cares anymore. you are just as crooked as Abe (2 cheeks of the same backside) and whenever you decide to retire the next scumbag will be just as crooked as you 2 were. The sheeple here don't care. They will continue to vote your party in.

Nothing to see here. SOP here in Japan.

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Will Suga Jr. face any justice? Bribing officials is just as bad as officials accepting bribes.

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2016-2019( 4years). 11 people divided by a total of $5600 in gifts and a expensive diners. And it actually needed around 40 occasions to get to this amount. This is just sad and pitiful. Is not even worthy to call it a bribe. This guy is so poor.

Clearly someone screw Suga son over and recorded the conversation to created a big scandal. Must be because Suga son was too cheap in his bribes. 3month salary cut is gonna be pinful. That steak diner is definitely not worth it for Makiko Yamada.

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Nice move.

So instead of corruption you get charged with being simply naughty?

You don’t have to be charged with bribery, you get a slap for smoking in the bathroom?

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On Wednesday, the ministry announced penalties including salary cuts and reprimands for the 11 ministry officials for accepting the expensive dinners and gifts in violation of the ethics code.

Oooh, that’ll teach em.

What an amazing deterrent against future corrupt behaviour this is.

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