Japanese officials try to woo Australia over submarine contract

By Matt Siegel

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“I think they’re really struggling to connect to the public. It’s just not in their DNA to speak publicly about defense issues.”

Its not in their DNA to speak publicly about any important issues. The communication gene.

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We have a saying here in my social circle:

"The Japanese make it as difficult as possible to give them your money."

This whole submarine deal is the epitome of the sort of frustrations buyers have when dealing with Japanese businesses.

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Japan has already been awarded to contract. What you are reading today is a show the Australian public. The Sub will be built in Japan. South Australia has been award to build 12 frigates over the next 20 years. The fact is if you want the subs to go deep and long they will after to be built in Japan. They can easy build the subs in South Australia but not at the same standard and not on time. This is the reason why, plus the minster of defence has state in Parliament in no uncertain term that South Australia will not get to built the sub because they could not build a canoe. This just endorse the fact that Japan had been award the contract last February 2014.

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Abbott would be crazy to accept the Japanese deal. Which is probably why Australia will choose Japan...

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@Noble "The Japanese make it as difficult as possible to give them your money." so spot on its silly!

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Abbott has described Japan as his country’s “closest friend in Asia”.

What other friends does he have??

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Will we ever know the specs, or is it politics spent money and I have to pay twice for ausee lamP.

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I wasn't aware that "woo" was a synonym for "bribe".

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Is it wise for Japan to share its military technology with Australia?

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What other friends does he have??


Thanks for the laugh. A sad but true indictment of you know who.

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A surefire way to ensure you're actually 'wooing' the customer is to learn what wooing means first. Here's a hint; it does NOT mean insulting them, as Japan did with the suggestion that some be built in Australia but that Australia doesn't have the know-or or skill.

Choose someone else, Australia.

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:Smithinjapan: It is true that Australia has lost the ability in the skill needed to shape the outer shell. Australia can mechanically shape the out shell but this method causes fatigue. That why the colin class were always in dry dock fixing up the leaks and the damage caused. Smith I advise you to go down to where Japan build there sub and watch how the skill tradesman shape the plates for the outer shell. It not mild steel these skill craftmens are working but a high tensile steel. This was developed just for building the outer shell of subs. Japan have aways had a very high ability in working steel. So the skill set has never been lost, unlike in Australia. So why the need to wow if you know you have won the contract. The visit by the Japanese bid is just a show for the South Australian voting public. It is a Liberial Federal government but a Labour held state government. The Federal Lib government are just holding on 11 seat in South Australia. Labour only need win 3 seats out of those 11 to win the next Federal election. There is a lot of politic involve in this Farce, Hence all show and the wowing. The ADF has hold war games with the USA Army ever year since the end of the Vietnam war. They (ADF) have never invited NZ ( Our closest Allie ) nor Indonesia to be apart of these game but this year they invited the Japan Army. This just reinforce the fact that Japan are a big part of Australia Defences plans.

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Is it a set deal? So much cash for a current govt., or not

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good choice Australia , Japanese know how to build staff, my Toyota speaks enough

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