Abe launches Instagram account


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Go Abe-san, this will surely bring his popularity numbers on the increase. He will be a winner with the young crowd too! Abe! Abe! Abe!

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What next? Dye his hair blonde and open a twitter account?

Too shallow, clueless, with a hint of desperateness.

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open a twitter account?

He already has one. What I dislike is that his tweets (and probably his instagram posts in the future as well) are hardly met with criticism and replies are mostly from fanatic nationalists. I wish more people would challenge him.

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Ahh...didn't know that. But, then again, I don't have a twitter account. I'm guessing what you are saying about the nationalist thing is true though.

The young people of Japan, who are right into social networking, and have a direct link to their leader...are failing to use it?

No wonder he thinks he's doing a good job!

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why would you want to see his mugshot when he is all over media? take this site for instance. Just like all the "innovative" things he does like being Little Mario Man, they are done by, probably Denso, although i heard somewhere he hires an american PR company.

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Abe -- bae


(if ya don't know what bae means, don't worry your head about Instagram)

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Pretty sure viewing his thoughts would be time better spent pushing soap into my eyes.

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Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.

totally confused which definition refers to Abe?

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Goodlucktoyou - Dentsu not Denso (who make car parts).

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Pictures of Funzo - just what we need to set the nation on the path to success.  also anyone who believes that he himself will be posting to this waste of time is deluded - will be some junior bureaucrat on his staff.

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How much does anyone want to bet that Abe has no idea how to actually USE instagram and will have one of his lackeys deal with it for him?

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Nothing good shall come from this.

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Thanks for that news, Kyodo. I want to know the images of Nippon our Dear Leader thinks are utsukushii.

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