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Kishida to address U.S. Congress on April 11


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Kishida should tell Congress US deficit spending of $1 Trillion per 100 days (CNBC), annualized pace approx. size as Japan's ENTIRE economy ($3.7 Trillion) for US Govt. FY 2024 ending Sept 30th = "Unacceptable!"

US Govt Debt Issuance exploding, investors require higher rates, as result many countries busy de-dollarizing (BRICS). Any surprise Yen & most of world's currencies getting TRASHED? Serious Global inflation catalyst, for example, Nigeria now 35%, Turkey 67% = Destabilizing!

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Kishida San needs to find ways to get Japan out of the money game legacy mindset and focus on helping the economy create real assets that solve global problems.

Maybe he can create some new relationships in US to help accomplish the above!

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Zero sum investors in Japan not needed, creates no value, rather real investment in real assets needed that create real productivity and wealth. Hopefully Kishida can better open up Japanese economy with greater engagement abroad.

Japan now poorest in the G-7. Global mindset needed!

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