Japanese, S Korean lawmakers agree to work toward detente


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As long as the unhinged Moon is president, there will be no progress.

And pathetic they are still moaning about the Rising Sun flag. Just saw an American media outlet run with that story last week. As has been mentioned on here before, the Rising Sun flag has been in use in Japan long before World War 2. It has no equivalency to the Nazi swastika which was specifically designed for the Nazi party. In addition, no one in the South Korean government previously had issue with the flag being hoisted during naval reviews.

Grow up!

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And pathetic they are still moaning about the Rising Sun flag. 

The Rising Sun Flag is banned by the AFC.

IOC is next.

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This is just a huge waste of time and resources!

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What a misleading headline.

It seems to me that the correct title should read: S Korean lawmakers issue conditions for detente with Japan.

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"His South Korean counterpart, Kang Chang Il, said bilateral ties are "in a difficult situation, as what was a dispute over history has spread to economic and security areas."

Kang is correct. South Korea turned the historical issue into an economic**** one when it stood by allowing the SK Court to rule against present day Japanese companies, and refusing to abide by the Arbitration Clause in the 1965 Treaty. South Korea also turned the historical issue into a security one when it chose to abandon GSOMIA, and allowed the ROK Navy to adopt the same anti-Japan agenda surrounding the JMSDF naval ensign. From a security piint of view, the JMSDF are supposed to be their "allies".

South Korea unilaterally created this "difficult situation". Only they can solve it.

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A bit more time will make SK n NK equal economies so Japan hold on to the 1995 treaty that's it the karma will b served to SK

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As for me ? I'm just glad for the dialogue. Civility and reason separates humans from Neanderthals.

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Japanese political history is determined by Abe.

Even discussions in comments seem funny.

Has the Japanese government made policy decisions based on public opinion?

Always, everything was decided after the decision, or after the work was done, and informed later.

So don't abuse the keyboard.

It's a great country for politics.

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