Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China

By Nobuhiro Kubo

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This report is yet another clear evidence of Abe's anti-China policy. Abe destroyed all good wills of both Japanese people and Chinese people since the end of WII. I don't want to scare people but it seemes that Abe is leading Japan to a new war.

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B.S. Mulan: it's China's aggressive stance in both the south China seas and Senkakus that brought about this change. They are acting like a bully and have brainwashed their masses with historical revisionism...in order to validate their aggressive territorial claims. Thanks China: it's time japan takes on more leadership in the Asia region and be a proper counterbalance to China's increasing not so peaceful rise to power.

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Sorry Mulan. Nothing scares me more than China

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Both parts of East China Sea and South China Sea are part of Chinese seas, by laws and by history. China has absolute rights to be there, to use them, to defend them.

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Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China

Should read Japanese warships takes Asian guests on cruise in INTERNATIONAL WATERS in defiance of China's laughable claim.

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It's important to keep the passage open and used by all.

If China manages to get a foothold, they may not want to cede anything back.

Ultimately, it's their fault for saying it's "their sea" and "their passage", as that's just not realistic in 2017.

As long as Japan and the US are strong enough nations, there's nothing China can do about it.

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Abe has warships, Abe has war fighters, and Abe send them, with missiles and war heads, to Chinese claimed territory to show defiance. That is the Abe who spoke loudly about follow international laws, spoke about demilitarization. China has missiles too, does China send them into Japanese territory?

-17 ( +4 / -21 )

And China happily fishes/plunders japanese seas.

Check how many down/up votes you get vs other posters.

If A has problems with B-Z logical conclussion fault lies with A.

China keeps stepping on Toes on many issues. SCS is one of many.

8 ( +11 / -3 )

mulan, the South China Seas is international waters. China can claim out to 12 miles like any other nation.

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Abe's government believes Japan may be better placed to prise Southeast Asian nations away from Chinese influence than its U.S. allies with a gentler approach that emphasizes a common Asian heritage

Yes, because that worked so very well the first time, didn't it.

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The south China sea, in spite of it's name. DOES NOT BELONG TO CHINA. International waters, and well over 200 nautical miles from China's mainland shoreline as well as the fact that man-made islands don't qualify as China's natural shoreline.   Japan and any other non-Chinese shipping vessel has every right to sail through that area without harassment or "escort" by China's navy.    The rest of the world is against the CCP on this, but the CCP thinks if they just keep acting like this people will ignore it.   Eventually the CCP will be forcefully removed from the area with their current claims.

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Do you know why China claim 9-dash line?

Because some 2000 years ancient document clearly states it belongs to the People's Republic of China?

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Remember that China says Taiwan is theirs and they will take by force if they do not surrender,

They are building these platforms of fake islands and arming them to have a staging ground ans also as a first strike and defense from US and Japanese warships when they try to take Taiwan. Then they will invade the Ryukyu's and take the islands from Japan as they claim Okinawa is also theirs. China also backs UN in DPRK as a way to occupy the Japanese Military and US military. We must be aware of China and be ready. It is not IF but when they will make their move. China is a major player to get the Bases out of Okinawa to weaken the defense of the South China Sea. They know we have seasoned war fighters from 15 years of war in the middle east and know how to fight.

Remember you can not trust China

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China has missiles too, does China send them into Japanese territory?

Did Japan send its missiles into Chinese territory? And Chinese warships (not only unarmed government ships, but naval warships) have sailed near Senkaku.

And it seems you do not distinguish at all definitions of one country's territory, seas or international waters. "It's ours because we want it".

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Funny isn't it, all these claims..

Hmm I choose to recognize when the mongols were in charge of most of China.

In all seriousness, China is clearly being territorially aggressive and we should be careful of it.

Japan has a few issues no doubt but I have said for a long time, let the Koreans "have" that Island, they are already there and Japan hasn't gone to war over it, so just in good will give it up. With Russia take it slow and this other island with Taiwan, Japan and China.. well that one isn't so clear and China gaining anything around there is scary.

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Name the countries that agree that the SCS, etc belong to china.

Artficial contructs (Oilrig style) don't even come close to being Islands.

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Abe should order the Izumo to patrol the Sulo sea to prevent ISIS reinforcements reaching the war zone in Marawi.

Such a gesture will be more compelling to ASEAN than a Disney tour in the SCS.

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Japan is right to stand up to Communist China. They should however start moving company production into other countries with democracies instead. Then they're not propping up Mulan's crew

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We are not just here to show our presence, but from the outside that is what it looks like," Rear Admiral Yoshihiro Goga, the commander of the mission, said aboard the Izumo-class helicopter carrier.

No , of course not,.. the other reason we are here right now is to take some attention and heat off our supreme commander Shinzo who is facing a plunge in poll support and an a tough election for his LDP stooges in Tokyo. So we are here to provide ample distraction and new material for J - news and talkshows until the election is over next week at least. And J- public please remember to support and vote LDP and Shinzo who are the only ones that can protect you from these scary Chinese and N Koreans.

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If any Country in the World is going to "create problems" it will be China. With roughly 30 percent of the Worlds population, they have to put them somewhere. Every Country in the World has a Chinese Population!

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Personally, i don't fancy that "cruise" at all! Wheres the pool and deck top bar?

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Do you know why China claim 9-dash line?

Because some 2000 years ancient document clearly states it belongs to the People's Republic of China?

Heheh, not even. People don't know that the origin of the Nine Dash Line is somebody in China just drew the line after WW2.

That's it. No official basis. Just drew a line. No formal claims filed to the international bodies, not even now.

They're fighting over a line that didn't even exist until after WW2 lol

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The Japanese were fooling themselves, their 'Ocean liner' scares nobody!

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If you learn the scrambleing rate in the air between China and Japan in the east sea, you will learn neither side gain the air superority, to escort such a pocket  aircraft carrier with how many Aegis destroyers? Remember more incoming ballistic missiles will keep them busy

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