Abe calls Latin America 'indispensable partner'


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Yeah, well, considering Japan is one of the world's largest importers of Amazon timber this relationship would make sense - to Japan.

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Good for Abe, Latin America is indeed an important partner.

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Japan is the largest importer of tropical hardwood and they consume the biggest amount. I wonder how much of it goes into disposable chopsticks?

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yes ! Better Japan helping these economies than Russia or China!

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Based up the statistics on the paper, Abe seems accomplishing a lot. After all, he has visited 47 countries in 18 months,(btw, that is a record) selling his well-polished sales pitch - “Abeconomic is working and Japan is back”. But, if one digs in deep from the available outcomes of his global trot, one would notice that Abe has failed miserably.

To be fair, his messages, pledges and dough-out are alright, the issue is that both Abe and his highly tossed economic policies don’t have much credibility to get his messages crossed or backed up.

If a big portion of Japanese people don’t even feel the benefit form the Abeconomic, how do you expect other countries to believe ‘Japan’s number-one salesman’s words ? That is common sense.

I could be wrong on this, I think that Abe should spend more time at home to finish his long-waited and promised third arrow instead chasing a mirage aboard. Letting the economic data speak the volume is far better than spreading Japan’s tax yen to pitch those half-backed ideas.

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Unlike S. Korea, Latin American countries have no hard feelings against Japan. They couldn't care less Yasukuni visit by Abe. On the contrary, they are suspicious of Russia. Cuba will go for Russia and China but it is just on isolated country. He is doing very fine. These countries people know names of Japan Inc, products already. Are there Chinese or Russian products famous in world like Sony, Honda, Toyota, etc? Even Sony hasn't doing well for sometimes, people recognize the name like Ford GM, Abe has been working hard.

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Japan wants good bussiness. Unlike south korea that now helps when an X country buys lots of their hyundais. Or Taiwan when it wants to be recognized. Or china.. no wait. Not china.

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On the US/Mexico border, from Baja California all the way to Tamaulipas (one Texas) there are JAPANESE and other factories making cars, trucks, tvs, computers, etc...thanks to NAFTA (the North American, meaning Canada, USA, Mexico Free Trade Agreement) so if you are a business man, and you want to make more profits $$$, it only makes sense to put Japanese factories South of the Border.

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