Japan's little prince could be last emperor on unreformed Chrysanthemum Throne

By Linda Sieg

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rather pathetic that gender inequality is part of the constitution. Abe says women are important but protects the law that says "they are irrelevant". Can't have it both ways.

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These difficulties in the royal lineage mirror the whole nation; Japan as a whole also isn't reproducing either. But this article is a bit premature. I mean the kid is only ten years old. He might have a whole bunch of sons yet.

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I wonder what their wives would think if they allowed concubines again.

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Emperor Akihito is about the same age as my father... my father got to retire at age 60 and for the past few years he has had to take it easy... I can't imagine my father doing what the Emperor has to do. I say let the man rest.

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first-born child of an emperor or empress should succeed regardless of gender go for it.

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Yeah, it'll take about that long for Japan to do anything.

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First born regardless of sex, is the norm in most monarchies now. Japan needs to catch up or it will have to advertise for an emperor or empress.

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