Japan's message for G20: Abenomics is good for all

By Tomasz Janowski and Tetsushi Kajimoto

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I can see this conversation going something like this.

Japan - "But Abe-nomics is what we need, it is really great, maybe for you too."

Other Country - "We have tried inflation before, it backfired and didn't work." "Stop manipulating your currency."

Japan - "But it isn't manipulation, it is economic improvement policy."

Other Country - "Right...... Knock it off or we will find a way to punish you."

End of conversation.

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To foreign authorities and observers, we have explained three-pronged policies of the Abe administration, that is: bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and growth strategy

Translation: money printing, money printing, and money printing.

Japan continues to think it can copy the west, give it a new name, and pretend it's something new and unique. But of course, you have to have Japanese blood to truly understand its significance.

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Atleast it is not Nodanomics anymore, good riddance.

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Ridiculous. It is not good for all if they all do it... which they do.

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Sets the stage for Carney at BOE, the real focus of it all. .

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WilliBFeb. 14, 2013 - 10:48AM JST Ridiculous. It is not good for all if they all do it... which they do.


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I can see this conversation going something like this.


You can? When you consider the fact that U.S. Treasury, IMF, and OECD endorsed his plan as well as Nobel Prize Winner economists like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, it's evident that other countries will not like them simply for their own selfish reason and nothing more.

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You need a strong Japan, economically and militarily, if you you need it to help you resists China and Korean's upcoming invasion.

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As long as it's "X-nomics", it doesn't make sense.

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