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Japan's political impasse a concern for debt outlook: Moody's

By Stanley White

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The problem is not in the economy - a problem in Japanese politics. In Japan today is ruled by those who know how to speak well, knows PR and friendly with the media. A smart nobody sees or hears.

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Already bad and going to get worse. As oldies spend more the local buying of debt will go down.

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What debt problem? Everyone's preoccupied with the disputed islands.

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The debt problem is the Japanese government debt... basically what they borrowed from its people and what they must pay out --- far exceeds the revenues. Same problem all nations from the USA to Europe face today. Basically it is the social giveaway programs that is killing the finances of the country which directly affects the economy. The entire world depends on the stability of countries like the USA, Japan, Germany, England and even China. So the rest of the world instead of trying to help Japan or the USA is still looking to be "saved" by Japan and the USA.

One reason for the two is because China is in fact "unstable" and "unreliable" as a world community nation.

As for the political implication, the rest of the world do not want a strong nationalistic Japan. If Japan decides to go Japan's needs and concerns first, the rest of the world may not be able to get the kind of "bail outs" that Japan has so far furnished at the expense of Japan's people and Japan's economy. Of course all economies are "related" and "affect" each other very closely, but the stable ones offset and counterbalances the unstable. Moody and IMF use the ratings, the "organizational" and "so called expertise" to influence every country into financing the recovery from mistakes made by others.

One other factor is the USA under its current administration has supported more of financing the "undesirable" countries of the Middle East, hoping that such funding will reduce the possibility of war and conflict. In other words "buy" peace. But unfortunately that is not happening. Instead, the funds are being used for aggressive purposes against the USA and related primarily Christian nations. Plus the USA itself is unstable. So there is very little to expect from the USA. The option at this time is Germany, Britain and Japan. But, both Germany and England is stuck with the European problem. So they must pick on Japan.

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Political impass.... a bad word in EU, US and Japan.

Japanese voters should remind themselves that the debt was created by failing LDP policies over decades. Now LDP wants to block every balancing budget proposal of Noda. Furthermore, LDP wants to amend the Constititon of Japan lead by Gov. Shintaro Ishihara, Gov. Toru Hashimoto. what a mess.

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