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Japan's U.S. ambassador takes veiled swipe at Trump's 'America First' stance

By David Brunnstrom

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I warned that there was probably not anyone in Japan who could credibly speak against Trump. Sasae is not proving me wrong.

I mean all of what he said is sensible and truthful. It's also complicated and nuanced and requires a bit of intelligence to parse, which means for all the American public cares, he might as well have just been shouting, "bar bar bar bar bar!" Now Obama's "The Oval Office isn't a reality TV show line," that's got the same wit, but it's also got some punch. Trump is a carnival sideshow barker who likes nothing more than dishing out personal insults. Trying to best him with a diplomatic statement of opinion is like trying to win a machinegun fight with a moving poem.

If Japanese public figures want to criticize Trump, their best bet is to drop all premise of diplomacy until he's actually earned a political position of leadership.

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Trump likes buying things. That also means he likes spending. If he got into office, this will continue with other people's money. Money other people really don't have. And he's quite happy to buy loyalty and cooperation to get what he wants. What does he want? Gold.

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If Trump elect asbpresident, he become mussolini. He get what he wants. He will silenced any anti trump. With his connection and now as president, he will do whatever he want just like republicans colleagues. America will fallninto dictatorship after all congress were silenced secretly. If he has ways. Its not about US, its all about Trump empire. He will accumulate more wealths and power along 4 years of president. Its not president its emperor.

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Trump is a populist aimed at the dumb, full stop.

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Trump is not fit for the office. And I say this as a long time Hillary hater since the the 90s.

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William WongMAY. 07, 2016 - 09:50AM JST

chill, sky isn't falling

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TPP which Abe at the back of his mind did not want to be realized seems to be aborted for reasons of America’s own (how lucky for Abe). And should Mr. Trump be elected president, he may get mad about Okinawa opposing to the relocation of Futenma air base within the prefecture for such a long time and think it better to transfer the airbase to Guam at Japan’s cost. Not sure if anybody can then convince him of the validity of the Marines being required to be stationed near and mobilized along with the land, sea and air forces, therefore to be in Okinawa (either at Henoko or Futenma). Abe may welcome it inwardly.

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They seem to have no problem taking Okinawa for granted.

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Trump will be great

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I guarantee if Japan arms with nuke, so will do SK. That's for sure.

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Any isolationist policy by any is indeed dangerous for any country;, like Hitler who said Germany would police the world; what fate he had every one knows apart from Germans as a nation suffered a lot since world war II, that caused a pretty long time to settle down sensibly.

so power of any nation is based on neutral policies balancing.

Indeed it is true Republicans know this in the USA ; so they might take right decision when finally making known its nomination by November as Republicans are not just adventurist type but they were and are indeed reasonably balanced too,

It is nothing wrong Japanese Ambassador rightly expressed his country's stand, nothing wrong is my considered view.

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All Hell will broke out once Trump wins the Presidential elections...

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HRC or Trump? who is the better of 2 evils? You get what you settle for both in life and in politics.

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This coming from a country wrote the book on isolationism.. please rofl

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