Justice minister quits after 3 weeks due to yakuza links


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Tanaka's "ties" to mobsters are rumored to be more extensive, and recent, than he's letting on, including the use of mobster connections to squash reports of an illicit affair (par for the course, I suppose). This is what comes from putting politicians, rather than field-specific professionals, in charge of government ministries. I don't care how well they're supported by platoons of "professional" bureaucrats, Cabinet ministers should be held to higher standards than the average politician, and at minimum should know something about the work they'll be responsible for supervising.

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I would prefer to make my judgements based on facts rather than rumours. If what Tanaka says is true then it's not a sacking issue but, given his medical condition I would advise him to listen to his doctors and quietly retire and write his memoirs.

I'm sure that if they investigated every LDP government member over the last thirty years they would have field day.

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No doubt Tanaka was fully aware of the risks he was carrying not just for himself but for the entire party. Would assume as part of the selection process that they would need to sign oaths of some sort to state lack of such current or previous connections as would pretty much any individual taking on other far less important responsibilities. Still these things always seem to go unnoticed until the media naturally points them out in due course. Interesting how these guys always seem to prioritize their own momentaneous glory over likely negative consequences for the entire party if not national interests.

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I imagine this makes him perfectly qualified for the job, no?

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Members of the cabinet with ties to the Yakuza, really? who would have though it! :p

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Like none of the LDP guys have had any thick links with them...

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Wow... 30 years ago? I believe, if he is saying the true, it can be ignored.

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Oh the politicians are so naive....lol

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Just another day in the world of Japanese (childrish) tit for tat politics. Anything to get the dirt on the current party in power and push them out the door.

Just wait, when the next PM comes into office turn about is fair play.

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Shinzo Abe and his co are all right wing politicians. They should have some large links with the right wing bigwigs, whose jobs are not dissimilar to those of Yauza groups. Many Yakuza guys are far rightists anyway.

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Are 'yakuza ties' the sort with the racy woodprint reproductions printed in the silk lining and folded inside? Like they sell at Oriental Bazaar.

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I am sure that the person who tipped the reporter of the weekly magazine is from the camp of the LP or better say the LDP. The point is, how would the whistle blower knew that Tanaka was attending a wedding party of the Yakuzas if he, the tipper and the reporter has no connections with them. Just the simple saying "it takes a thief to catch a thief" . The anti and pro administration parties always work this way. If DPJ party seat, the LDP will make lots of noise and vis a vis instead of working together for the good of the people and country. That is the effect of politics. The Cancer of society. Most of the political parties and politicians if not all have connections with the gang and syndicates. That's how the tentacles of Yakuza and syndicates penetrate.

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Come on common knowledge that yakuza & politicians are extremely connected, laws dont apply, I mean at that twit kamei the up to his u-know-what in yakuza & the media wont call him out

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As one writer, David Kaplan, once put it, the yakuza and police are the first and second lines of law enforcement in Japan, respectively.

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Not so much of a justice minister, more of an injustice minister!

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Like I said last week... the minute one of these guys say they have "no intention of stepping down" means they'll do so in a matter of days.

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Tanaka is 74 years old! What the hell is such an old guy doing in the position as Justic minister? One year away from retirement age. Is that the best Noda could find?

Anyway, the guy was probably (much like shirokuma mentioned) more involved with the tattooed boys than he had let on. And so, this comedy routine that is Japanese politics can move on as usual. As I have said many times before, the Japanese public gets the politicians it deserves due to their total disinterest and ability to stand up for anything that does not directly concern them.

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How did Noda vet this cretin?

He is a disgusting individual that earned his disgrace.

He has further tarnished the reputation of the government among the ongoing controversies.

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part of the reason why Japan is in such a mess is because selfish OLD farts like him are given government positions. he should be at home playing shogi, not trying to grab everything he can in his final years.

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Would there be anyone left in the national government but a handful if we got rid of everyone with yak connections?

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And another one bites the dust! I wonder if he's eligible for a pension after only three weeks?

Will the next loser who wants a cabinet posting for a few more weeks of this pathetic governments' existence please step forward!

C'mon! Somebody's got to want the job ..... anybody?

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Christ, why continue with the ridiculous "for reasons of ill health" charade when everyone knows it was because you got caught out?

Let's call a spade a spade shall we?

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Hindsight is always 20/20. That being said he does look like a sleazy yakuza villain in one of those bad (great) Toei gangster/sukeban exploitation films from the 70's.

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