Kan drops plan to visit U.S. for summit talks


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The process of resign for PM is very bad. Because after each 'resign' manage of Government, inside politics, outside politics would degraded.

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It is extremely regrettable...

They should make this their national slogan...

Japan: Land Of Regret

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Japan's government woes are reminiscent of old Bolivia - minus the military coups. This episode in japan's history illustrates one of the deficiencies of the democratic system. Perhaps it's time for Mori-dono to make a comeback?

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A "Smart" move would be distancing yourself from Mr. Obama & his "economic policy"-Better to Stand Up to your politica l opposition on Home Ground- and Good Luck with that!

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Japan, U.S. try to salvage Futenma relocation plan

Well, next PM of Japan will take over a mess of Futenma. We are going back to a square one.

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Japan, Endless Regret.

But to Kan's credit any one of the past few Prime Ministers would have accepted the invite and would probably use it as an excuse to stay on the job longer.

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Appoint Koizumi PM for life!

Kan should go ahead with the summit trip. It can only help him politically.

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@Sunhawk: if it were Koizumi, even knowing he was on his way out, he would have accepted the invitation and hoped for a free flight on Air Force One to visit Graceland! Oh, wait...

Kan made the responsible and honorable choice.

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Not so much radiation in USa, should of gone with his family.

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I really do feel sorry for Kan. He may not have handled the disaster perfectly, but he did the best he could under the circumstances and I doubt anyone else would have done it better. Furthermore he's has the guts to stick around and try to make things right. But J politics being what it is would prefer to play monkey games than support a man who cares. The bureaucracy is going to destroy this country.

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