Kan has slight edge over Ozawa ahead of Tuesday's leadership vote


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Kan has slight edge today and Ozawa will have considerable edge tomorrow...! Not so happy ending for Western Media.

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Unlike the media, the most politic bloggers are supporting Mr.Ozawa and blaming Mr.Kan for being manipulated by the bureaucrats. At least Mr.Ozawa is aiming for bureaucracy reform, media reform and governmental financial reform.

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For Japan's sake, Ozawa winning would be better. For me personally, I hate him.

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for japans sake stop the political intraparty powergrab and get this country going in the right direction as a simpleminded american the only thing ozawa offers is polarizing the population and guaranteeing a DLP reemergence with business as usual

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@aksew, not true at all. I don't like Ozawa but he IS a leader. He would use force to push things through which neither Hatoyama nor Kan can do. He would make sweeping reforms and would actually bring real change. If that change is best or not is debatable, but what is not debatable is the fact that nothign has changed since this party took over.

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@Debucho, I agree with your position on Ozawa's ability to force change. But to say there has been no change since the change in parties is not accurate. Spending has become somewhat more transparent for one and a spending cutting committee is established.

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"He would use force to push things through which neither Hatoyama nor Kan can do. "

Is he likely to be more effective than either of the other two? Yes. Can he force change? Very doubtful. If he had a truly united DPJ behind him, then maybe, but only maybe. He used to have the people behind him too, but Hato and Kan squandered that mandate. Given the circumstance, I don't think Ozawa will be able to do a whole lot. That ship has sailed.

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