Kan says freeing Chinese Nobel winner 'desirable'


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Kan, focus focus focus on Japan's economy and creating jobs!

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Ok, I suppose one shouldn't be too direct about such matters.

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Let Obama or Dalai Lama say so, for Japan : Silence is Gold !

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Mind your own business Kan.

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Between releasing the Chinese captain and this comment, I have absolutely NO trust in Kan the clown protecting Japan and its interests.

Any world leader should have the cajones to tell China exactly what it thinks... China thinks it's the big boy in the room, when actually, they depend on the rest of the world for their GDP.

If the world were to ignore China and return business to their own countries, there would be another "Great Leap Forward" mess in China.

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how we should put this into shape hereafter will be fully discussed

What a bold statement. Go Kan! I'm going to think about possibly going to bed now . . .

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If Kan wanted to make a bold statement, he would say, "Release Liu Xiaobo now, or we'll sic the U.S. Marines in Okinawa on you!" LOL.

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"..but how we should put this into shape hereafter will be fully discussed’’

... kind of sums up the majority of things that Japanese politicians say.

"countries such as the United States and Europe" ... I didn't realise that Europe was a country ..

"the premier" ... Japan has a prime minister.

Did a child write this ?

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None of this matters. The Chinese govt doesnt give a trap about human rights or what democratic countries have to say about them. Chinese citizens are floormats for tanks as far as they're concerned. What sort of idiot supports a govt like this?

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He just opened up a can of worms. Why oh why couldn't he have his silence imply that he was condoning Sengoku's earlier statement, instead of also putting his own foot into his mouth too?

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While Kan's statement may be pointless you cn tell who the Chinese dictaorship supporters are by their comments criticizing Kan rather than the Chinese government's treatment of Lieu.

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When someone raped you, do you say his action was not desirable?

As OssanAmerica mentioned earlier, Chinese citizens are floormats for Chinese tanks. Kan should not let other issues (trade, currency, territorial dispute) holding him back from saying the truth. Tell China exactly how Japan believes. The rest of world is behin Kan to support him.

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