Kan says he will resign 'soon'


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Why do they want this guy gone so badly. Maybe he actually cares about the people

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What's premiership in Japan? A disposable fashionable novelty item.

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Japan is moving fast through different events.

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I LOVE the picture! Classic! Anyway, I still think it's stupid to get rid of this guy until a new person is lined up -- one that will work out. The public themselves said that while they want Kan gone, they have no idea who should replace him, so doesn't that in turn say they should wait a little bit?

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I never liked Kan, but this high speed rotation of PMs has to stop somewhere. "The polls drop, the opposition starts to throw fits- time for a PM change" sort of mentality really has to go.

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I hope he hangs in there a little longer. He's the only PM who's had the balls to stick around and try and make a difference.

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