Kennedy urges Japan, S Korea to mend ties


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Haha, empty words, you cant patch this with that, this needs much bigger things , small words cant stop big machinery of Korean anti Japan propaganda , and you know it Kenedy . You wanna peace, you stop Korea trashing Japan all over the world .When Korea stop hating Japan, there will be peace.

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You wanna peace, you stop Korea trashing Japan all over the world .When Korea stop hating Japan, there will be peace.

It's a two way street. It's not like the Japanese are innocent here.

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Kennedy urges Japan, S Korea to mend ties

How does she want the two countries to mend ties?


Naming dispute of Sea of Japan?

Comfort women?

Lawsuits of "forced labor" compensation during WW2?

If she does not have any idea, they are just empty words.

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StrangerlandMar. 07, 2014 - 08:34AM JST "You wanna peace, you stop Korea trashing Japan all over the world .When Korea stop hating Japan, there will be peace."

It's a two way street. It's not like the Japanese are innocent here.

Compared to the anti-Japan policy of the South Korean government and the global anti-Japan campaign being conducted by South Koreans, yes, I'm afraid Japan is innocent by comparison. Japan is doing neither.

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So much for stiffing NHK for that interview (a story that came up last week). I think she was on Closeup Gendai last night. Luckily NHK were kind enough to assign Hiroko Kuniya, one of their A team.

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I think Abe has to step down for S.K and other east asian countries to mend ties.

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Im seriously wondering and doubting she is right person for the ambassador to Japan. During ex ambassador Roos, 5 our p-minister had changed and was including one of our ex crazy p-minister, Hatoyama. the Great East Japan Earthquakes have occurred. Mr Ross really did the best. We thank to him and come back RIGHT NOW!!

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"Kennedy urges Japan, S Korea to mend ties" is like telling Jews to get along with the pro-Nazi government.

Kennedy is a buffoon!

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This issue has been settled many years ago.

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JohnY921Mar. 07, 2014 - 11:16AM JST

I do not know what you mean, but if you are comparing Japan to Nazi, you are absolutely wrong.

Nazi was real threat, whereas Abe administration is hardly any threat to Korea. Yea, Abe may threat Korea to bring Takeshima/DogDo case to ICJ, but I think that is nothing comparable to Nazi.

Many Korean misunderstand, probably intentionally, the collective defense issue. Collective defense means defending military allies. The US is the only military ally of Japan, so the issue is whether Japan should or can defend the US military during a war. Present constitution has been interpreted Japan cannot exercise collective defense, so Japan cannot defend US military. US Japan security treaty is one way treaty. Abe wants to change this interpretation. It is obvious that Korea has nothing to do with this issue, but it is loudly opposing to collective defense between US and Japan, calling Japan Nazi. Many Japanese think the true intention of the objection by Korea is that Korea is working for China which does not want closer ties between US and Japan.

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Kennedy should boldly go to South Korea and tell them the very same thing and see what they say.

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Well, I’m not gettin’ all the negative words here…..

She takes a very fair handed and mature approach – saying as a friend to both countries, please try to heal your old wounds and start a new way forward for your people – it will have benefits for everyone. And for that she’s called a “buffoon” and has “empty words”………..

I’m an internationalist, and have long supported the Security Treaties the US has with both SKorea and Japan; especially Japan. But if both these countries are going to continue to kick sand in each other’s faces and torment one another, then maybe it’s time for the US to pack its bags and say – do whatever you want to one another – just don’t include us in your childish games – and don’t call us if China lands on the Senkakus or NKorea sends artillery shells into Seoul.

Kindergartners in a sandbox is the only metaphor I can think of……..

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They should go to submit to International Court of Justice for mend ties. South Korea is carrying out false propaganda overseas. Time solvable by talks was ended. It is already too late.

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I hope she studies from Japan's point of view rather than stands neutral if she is ambassador to Japan. US ambassador to SK is strongly critisizing Japan demanding apology.

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The dumbest remark of the week: "Earlier this week, Danny Russel, the assistant US secretary of state for East Asia, called on Japan and South Korea to look at the model of Japan and the United States, which have overcome the bitterness of World War II to nurture a close friendship." Friends, if ever the Koreas overcome the bitterness of what Japan did it is not going to be how Japan and the US overcame war bitterness. The US overcame it pretty fast. We bombed Japan to hell and dropped a couple of big one on them too. Then we occupied Japan and politically castrated the emperor. We set up Japan as the primo democracy and civilian economy in Asia. Japanese bitterness--at least ruling class bitterness--has never really gone away. Underneath the kowtowing to the US the LDP people hate the US and Americans. They hate the Peace Constitution the US gave Japan and what they did to the emperor system. Like the the US Old South, that flies the Stars N' Bars and sports bumper stickers that say "The south shall rise again," these bitter, bitter Japanese go to Yaskuni and talk about getting rid of Article 9. And they tell anyone who would listen about how poor misunderstood Japan was the worst victim of the war.

Forgiveness, if it ever comes, comes slowly.

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Just another puppet coming out of the cupboard after spring cleaning.

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Ms Kennedy doesn't understand a basic problem: Japanese look up to American and look down on Korean. Lots of posts here reveal this feeling clearly.

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yosunMar. 07, 2014 - 10:54PM JST Ms Kennedy doesn't understand a basic problem: Japanese look up to American and look down on Korean. Lots of >posts here reveal this feeling clearly.

I think you are grossly misguided. If the Japanese looked "down" on Koreans, Korean TV, Kpop, Korean foods wouldn't be so popular in Japan, Anti-Korean sentiment in Japan today is a reaction to the ridiculous over-the-top Japan hating and bashing practiced by the South Korean government itself and Koreans on a global scale. Even the "posts here" you refer to are responses to resident Korean j-bashers here.

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US Envoy Mr. Kim to SK Blasts Japan over sex slaves


He says sex slave issue is grave human rights violation. He probabry doesn't think dropping atomic bombs and air raiding all over Japan are not grave human rights violation. How does he consider Japan Korea treaty?

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Data, not opinion, on what Japanese and Koreans think about each other, and a lot of other related things:

The 1st Japan-South Korea joint opinion poll


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"U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy on Thursday urged Tokyo and Seoul to patch up their troubled relations"

In short, you two pixies knock it off!

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It's US that unilaterally changed the term "comfort women" to "Sex slavery" maybe by H. Clinton listening only to SK inflated story. It seems that US also want to make Japan look as bad as possible when it comes to history related. It's hard to believe US is trying to mend ties of Japan SK relation.

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the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on East Asia, Ben Cardin, faulted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on historical disputes.

“The Japanese prime minister’s rhetoric on these issues is increasingly concerning to many,” said Cardin, a member of President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party.

Cardin accused Abe of “provocative activities,” a likely reference to the Japanese leader’s Dec 26 pilgrimage to the Yasukuni shrine which honors 2.5 million war dead including convicted war criminals.


How Ms Kennedy will plan to amend while her country lawmakers accuse Abe? How about bases in Japan?

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Don't take in what the US urges at all times. Better not mend ties with South Korea until we hear what IMF will have to say about the country's financial stress check. Japan is most often for them to tap for money. Stay clear of the peninsula (either Korean or Crimean) rather than the shrine, and it may serve the best interest of this country.

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As long as there are people who do not care about pain and suffering of the victims there will be no peace to really speak of...

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If you pay attention to what US is doing on Japan SK relation, US is only emboldening SK. Using the term"sex slave", Ms. Kennedy being neutral but Mr. Kim bashing Japan, "disappointment" on Yasukuni. etc. What is US thinking to encourage SK to hit Japan further? SK's now critisizing Japan at UN.

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"It seems that US also want to make Japan look as bad as possible when it comes to history related."

At that period of history, the facts do show Japan to be bad, very bad. That you and many other Japanese can't come to terms with this is at the core of this issue.

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Very true. The Japanese people should use that part of their history as a basis to teach their future generations to never make the same mistakes. Whitewashing that part of their history only increases the odds of it happening again, after all, the country may have changed, but the people are still the same.

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Ms Kennedy doesn't understand a basic problem: Japanese look up to American and look down on Korean.

That's why Korean bullies Japan? That's the mentality of stalkers. You spread bad rumors of Japan around the world because Japan doesn't fall in love with you.

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“Good relations are in everyone’s interest”..... Oh Madam Ambassador, the Irony , the pantomime.

Oscar Wilde ,' The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself'.

Evgeny Afanasiev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Japan, could use advise like that at the moment. After all, the 21st century equivalent of Ivan the Terrible, Valdemort Puffin -The Creepy Cossack, is placing the pieces of a rather nasty looking chess set in the Crimea.. ....

Seriously, I would hurry , before the peoples of Japan and SK start shouting 'he's behind you'....

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