Kerry defends U.S. strategic pivot to Asia


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I really appreciate John Kerry statesmanship! I am sure China welcome an even handed American presence in Asia. This sensible non provocative measured stance and is what every nation should take and stop making small minded political talk to please domestic audience, doesn't matter which country. Thumbs up for America!

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Some good points listed above. Bottom line is even with Kerry being forth coming on USA's stance and objectives China will never feel comfortable with the USA increasing its presence so close to them. Specially with China wanting to claim untold amounts of land or ocean from other Asian nations. Puts a little glitch in "we are just going to take it from you" plans.

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“It is time also to put long-festering territorial pursuits behind us,”

It's time to solve the hatred inherited since 1895! And it must be done by all means and all cost to cut the 'STAKES' to do harm to China and the world! There is a pain for instance but it's harm will gone forever if actions taken!

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The pivot might, pivot again based on who did the bombing in Boston. America is always on the lookout for an enemy, it needs one to justify itself.

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Tiger, the same and more could easily be said of China. Or is it your view that China is altruistic.

America is many things. America is not so simple to just make a blanket statement that America needs an enemy to justify itself. There are plenty enough evil people out there without creating one. Plus, Americans would be happy to have the country's focus on domestic issues rather than NK, or the other provocations in the area.

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Bottom line is even with Kerry being forth coming on USA's stance and objectives China will never feel comfortable with the USA increasing its presence so close to them.

America and China knows they need each other and both sides plays a Smokeless War. As long as they can finesse the military and economic competition without provocative visible acts, this is the best we can all hope for and China understand US is not going anywhere. I believe Kerry/Hagel will not do any Too Close For Comfort military moves to annoy China. I am glad I voted for Kerry before in 2004 and though he lost to Bush he shows his skill as a mature thoughtful politician at this critical juncture!

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What 'STAKES' you are talking about? All of China's neighbors say it is doing harm to the rest of the world and someone should stop it. North Korea likes a mad dog under its master China. It seems that the master does not have a full control over the dog now after years of taking advantage of the dog for its own interest despite the agony of millions of people. What a disgusting!

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The way I read John Kerry's comment was that it sound like US is really looking forward to a simmering of tension in the Asian Region even though outwardly he continue to affirmed USA commitment to Japan. It is also interesting to read his comment that he would not shut the door to a logical proposal to have this issue resolve. This means that US may decide to go along with a proposal that would benefit both Japan and China to ensure that this Island issue come to a satisfactory conclusion. Lets hope this would happen in the near future.

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@ Tony Ew

Yep you have a point there Sound like US is looking after its interest in China as well, but at the same time it has a treaty commitment with Japan that it needs to abide to. US is riding on two horses. There are comments made by posters at the JDP that Japan and China are both sceptical of US real intention.

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First, China? China has written off the US as a power to contend with. It is politically broken and financially bankrupt. The NK thinks the same, which is why it thinks it can play up this issue to its benefit by looking scarry (more food?). China and NK are two peas in a pod. Al the pivot has done is drive China into Russia's arms. Yeah, that is what we all need. Thank you Obama!

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"Beijing, which has tended to focus on the military dimensions of the strategy and to view it as a way to contain China’s rise."

If the rise were "peaceful" as China has claimed for a decade there would be no need for containment.

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I wonder how N Korea got the technology to miniaturize nukes to fit on a missle warhead? China maybe? We're fools to think otherwise, we have no friends in Asia except people who want to use us.

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I wonder where North Korea got those trucks to carry the mobile mid range missiles. Isn't there a UN sanction on selling them military good?

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