Kerry praises Japanese resilience on 2nd anniversary of disaster


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What it is a hypocrisy. For Government obama it matters little if Japanese people to be up or down. Operation tomodachi or operation TPP?

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The news coverage reminds us the massive destructive role of the nature, that affected Japan and Japanese people two years ago. Like the VIP and diplomats my heart, which is a common man's heart cries for the lost kith and kins of the victims. ****

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but they still dance the hula show at Spa Hawaiians.. now direct flights to Hawaii.. good.. maybe the girls will find Hawaiian mates and not have to return

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Kerry praises Japanese resilience on 2nd anniversary of disaster

Japanese government does not deserve this praises.

. I would like to give full credits ONLY to the people of Tohoku. I was there in the middle of chaos. My heart goes out to all of them who are still suffering and homeless. I wish I could have done more. We still do Gambaru together. I would like to see your smiling faces soon.

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"Over the past two years, Japan has made steady progress in its recovery and rebuilding efforts—"

But they HAVEN'T!

"...and I’m pleased that the United States has been able to play a role in this process,”

Then be embarrassed. As with Cris, my heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, homes, other properties, and are still suffering, but nothing but my anger goes out to those who look solely at areas not affected physically and say how great the recovery is when there are concurrently so many news articles on how SLOW recovery is. That makes me feel even sicker for the people suffering!

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Our hearts and prayers are with the survivors and the families of those lost. We have all been deeply moved and impressed by the strength and courage of the Japanese people during and after the disaster. Proud to see it all, and much sympathy for all.

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