Kishida eyes making video address for U.N. nonproliferation talks


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A great idea! The UN could save billions a year conducting all meetings via teleconference.

Diplomats would be able to keep in touch with their constituents by conferencing from their home countries, and be less susceptible to foreign influence, bribes, or threats.

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If Kishida has such strong feelings about nuclear nonproliferation, why doesn't he sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)?

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Why? He'll ultimately just read a speech written for him, with every line starting, "As the only nation to have suffered a nuclear attack..." and then refuse to talk about why Japan won't sign a non-proliferation or ban treaty. I mean, if they want to show the world a massive example of hypocrisy, then okay, but otherwise...

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It was just earlier this year that China threatened Japan with nuclear annihilation. China has a long record of agreeing and signing onto most any pact, then letting others be restricted by those guidelines while it totally ignores them and takes advantage of those following the rules. And then, lest we forget, North Korea, lead by an unpredictable mad boy-man with a nuclear capability. It would be akin walking through downtown Portland, Oregon, waving a wad of cash, while declaring out-loud, "I'm unarmed. You have nothing to fear from me!"

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A non-proliferation treaty. The USA - as one may recall, Obama who received the Nobel Peace Prize and intoned rhetoric of a world free of nuclear weapons - authorized a trillion dollar upgrade and expansion of the USA nuclear weapons arsenal. Biden, vice-president under Obama reflects and embraces such a stance.

That Biden calls upon Germany and Japan not to participate in a non-proliferation treaty assembly exhibits a policy that one might characterize as madness.

Daniel Ellsberg has written eloquently in: The Doomsday Machine Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, about the dangers inherent in possessing nuclear weapons. He also chronicles events, framed as accidents, that almost led to the launching of nuclear weapons and consequent demise of civilization.

Noam Chomsky: "Actually, nuclear war has come unpleasantly close many times since 1945. There are literally dozens of occasions in which there was a significant threat of nuclear war. There was one time in 1962 when it was very close, and furthermore, it’s not just the United States. India and Pakistan have come close to nuclear war several times, and the issues remain. Both India and Pakistan are expanding their nuclear arsenals with US support. There are serious possibilities involved with Iran—not Iranian nuclear weapons, but just attacking Iran—and other things can just go wrong. It’s a very tense system, always has been. There are plenty of times when automated systems in the United States— and in Russia,it’s probably worse—have warned of a nuclear attack which would set off an automatic response except that human intervention happened to take place in time, and sometimes in a matter of minutes. That’s playing with fire. That’s a low-probability event, but with low-probability events over a long period, the probability is not low."

Not to attend. Not to participate in a non-proliferation treaty, let alone a dismantling of nuclear arsenals is to be a signatory to the eventual catastrophe that will see humanity wiped off the planet by its own hand.

Nuclear War is not just a possibility, but a probability simply by accident and is one of two grievous threats to life on earth. The other being climate change.

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Hello, his bosses in Washington want let him

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