Kishida may dissolve lower house before leadership election


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People do know there is only one party in Japan?

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including implementing tax hikes to fund higher defense spending.

Good luck with convincing people of this!

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Today 08:46 am JST

"including implementing tax hikes to fund higher defense spending."

Good luck with convincing people of this!

They hardly need to bother. The dopey old folks out in the sticks will vote for the local LDP nepo-baby no matter what.

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the plan "based on the notion that it is our generation's responsibility to future generations to deal with the situation,"

No need to hike tax rates for that purpose.

If you want to spend trillions extra on defense, cut trillions of spending from elsewhere. That would be our generation dealing with the situation, rather than hiking tax rates, seeing tax revenues drop as a result, and adding more debt to be paid back in future.

Dealing with the situation now means balancing the budget.

JFK said it was a paradoxical truth that cutting tax rates now would increase long term tax revenues, and history proved him right. We need to try lower, broader based tax rates in Japan. As well as slashing spending to free up trillions.

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Kishida may do this

Kishida may do that

Kishida may not do anything

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It simply and only lacks of ideas, concepts, innovations and then willpower to professionally set them into practice for good. Money in any amount and convenient political majorities are not the problem here, still not.

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