Kishida meets foreign leaders on final day of 'condolence diplomacy'


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That’s the real expensive part of that funeral, those talkings with cheques for many of the ‘dignitaries’. The costs of 18mio for that state funeral ceremony are probably an insignificant lump sum in comparison.

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This is not about make Japan close with other countries! this was not necessary using our money for a second funeral! why the politicians they did not use their on private money, instead to use money from our taxes?Abe passed away cause of something that he did with the church and also all the Abe polticians groups! if a normal citizen fo the same it will be arrested! why this politicians are having the courage of foing this funeral? after all what happens to the poor people who soffred for money losses with that evil Church!

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On mask,off mask Kishida!

Can’t he make up his mind?

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So the best time for diplomacy is when a family connected politician is shot in the back. Ok, don’t claim to understand the unique culture but if it works… hazzza. There are a plethora of politicians that fill the bill.

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To pay for this, Japan will need to make some cut-backs, they've already mentioned cutting off support payments for Foreigners - which will be a good thing, a lot of Chinese are quite literally milking the system here, registering as resident, whilst actually living and working overseas, and receiving COVID payments just like those of us who actually live here. Thankfully, the Government seems to have gotten wise to that, and is going to cut back on such payments. Although this cut-back will probably cover the funeral and more, its an example of just how wasteful/inefficient Japanese government has become at the tax payers expense.

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The look on these two leaders faces is like an evil plan is in the works

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Since Monday, Kishida has met with more than 30 dignitaries on the occasion of the state funeral for Abe, who was fatally shot during an election campaign speech in July.

38 to be exact...


...which is a far stretch from:

The Japanese government said that over 4,000 people joined the funeral on Tuesday in central Tokyo, including delegates from more than 210 countries, regions and international organizations.

Assuming three 10 hours-days, and expecting some people to have more time allocated (US/Harris, India/Modi, Australia/Albanese, etc), that is less than 1 hour per meeting for the others.

Such as presumably what looks like a 5-minute tops meeting:

In a separate meeting earlier Wednesday, Kishida also confirmed with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen that the two countries will work together for better relations, the Japanese ministry said.

...which meeting which incidentally confirms that there are other platforms where Kishida could discuss in much more details and with more pint-point selected counterparties and pre-defined fleshed-out agendas...

Kishida said Japan will fully cooperate with Cambodia toward a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and related annual gatherings to be held in November in Phnom Penh. The Japanese leader is expected to attend some of them.

The Japanese government said that over 4,000 people joined the funeral on Tuesday in central Tokyo, including delegates from more than 210 countries, regions and international organizations.

4,200 to be exact.


Targeted figure was 6,000, which was later reduced to 4,300 and now it seems another 100 went AWOL over yesterday...If you happen to see quite a few seemingly lost gaijins in the Tokyo area, please call the Gaimusho.

Unsurprisingly, the first articles mentioning a post-Kishida PM are appearing...

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