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Kishida, Tillerson to meet on Syria conflict N Korea threat


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Get ready for the LDP and Abe government to start talking about how "Syria is why we need to change the Constitution!" or some such excuses while they yet again try to force their Nippon Kaigi ways on the nation despite the majority objecting.

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North Korea is able right now to deliver a Nuclear attack upon the US Mainland. They already have Submarines capable of launching Nuclear missiles. Who knows how many are already deployed off the coast of Japan and the US , particularly given current tensions.

Sadly, any Nuclear conflict is going to make Fukushima look like a drop in the Ocean - there will be no Winners, only everyone Looses, and given that NK hasn't much to loose, its sadly becoming an inevitability.

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If N. Korea attacked the US, the US would remove them from the map. The only logical end to such a conflict would be either the death or removal of Kim Jong Un from power. There is no way a dictator as self-serving as he is would take any action that would end up with his loss of power.

N. Korea loves to rattle sabres, to look tough to their people (and maybe to others too), but that's all it is, sabre rattling.

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I do not envy Kishida and Abe. They have to kowtow to the US while trying to get its uncertain and evidently incompetent help to stop or at least delay North Korea from developing ever more powerful nuclear missiles. Some estimates put NK reaching its goal of having reliable nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles by 2026.

Unfortunately, I do not think there are any good options. As long as China continues to support North Korea, the number of least bad options will continue to disappear. Eventually we are going to end up with only the really bad options remaining - e.g. when NK has the means to deliver nuclear war anywhere in the world.

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They are meeting in EU to discuss East Asian matters.

Well welcome to diplomacy

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If North Korea was able to strike the continental U.S., they would've done it already. The fact that they haven't is because one of two things: a) they can't; b) they can, but they know they'll soon after be erased of the face of the Earth.

Chinese are saying NK is a US colony. A colony won't strike the suzerain state.

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False flags time is in the mail.

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Young leader in NK does not want to give up his current luxury life. However, he have executed numerous people to protect his position and doubt surroundings. Seems like he doubt anyone and so afraid from death by association or coup etc... How if US continue high pressure to him, he might do behave unexpected action

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It seems that now the iniciative United States foreign policy will embolden Japanese mentally challenged militarists to expand their "rights". One step backwards, one step backwards.

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"Japanese militarists"...LOL. This isn't 1945.Best try to stay on topic.

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This is not 1933. Yet it is all over again. Rest assured, they will be defeated by a proper, civilized society they are trying to sway into the chaos as their predecessors did.

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Yea, the "Japanese militarists" are the ones trying to build the capability to nuke the United States. Maybe on your planet. Not ours.

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@tina:Write something true. China does Lt mention colony. It has history of Europe colonization that it knows what is colony, unlike your usual phony story. Write your source of info. Can you read Chinese documents?

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toshiko, NK is not officially US colony, but all things considered NK seems like a US puppet regime.

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