Kishida to detail vision for secure Indo-Pacific at Singapore forum


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I have an Indo-Pacific vision. Every county gets to control their waters within existing maritime rules and the rest is a shared route way. It only became complicated after you had maniacs that challenged this. And if you don’t economically answer militarily challenge any breach of that, you are some kind of maniac yourself.

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Peace is a laudable goal. Better when everyone wants it.

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Shouldn't even be going to this disgusting country (or it's neighbour Malaysia) - the home of the world's most vicious and sadistic judicial punishments.

When will the free and democratic countries of this world realise that we can not deal with these nasty uncivilised places (including parts of Indonesia, Brunei, Pakistan and the Middle East) until they take the necessary steps to update their laws and start safeguarding the most basic rights of all human-beings on this planet.

It's not difficult, just boycott them - it worked against South Africa, although it took decades, otherwise they would still be running their apartheid system there.

But then again, what are the chances of Kishida making a stance on something extremely Important like this - think how famous that would make him appear on the free world's stage.

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On one side strengthening cooperation to oppose China's expansion is something positive, many of the minor countries that are now becoming targets of that expansion could really use the help.

But on the other side using this as an excuse for military expansion is the opposite, it seems as if any reason is valid as long as it can lead to bigger military spending, even if this would not have a positive effect defusing the problems.

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The Less Greater Post Pandemic Economic Sphere?

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The British have never did anything ,but think ,you could not make this up Japanese Prime Minister go to ShangriLa with vision of sugar plum dancing in his head

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