Koike asks Gore to tell world about Tokyo's anti-climate change efforts


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When will people wake up and stop giving that hypocritical fraud Al Gore an audience? Articles like this one just perpetuate the myth of the climate saint who jets around the world spewing his apparently despised CO2. If he lived by the principles he publicly spouses he'd be doing it all online from a modest abode.

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Weather has a 50yr cyclic rate, aka hot summers/cold winters at one end and less during mid of cycle.

Same token temps have increased and can/will cause impacts overall for the environment.

Humans, etc benefit from a narrow range in the climate, go outside ...

Those are facts not propaganda.

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Sorry, but While Japan is winning in the race for self-driving and hydrogen cars, it’s still insisting nuclear power, coal, and gas are the energy sources to depend on. What’s more, doing a little for the Olympics doesn’t entitle Japan to say it’s environmentally friendly on the whole.

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Just the sight of all lights usef for nothing makes you the capital is not environment friendly.

Same for old taxi drivers sleeping in their cars for hours with car running its aircon.

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plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings ... Japan isn't a model for anti-climate change

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pacint - you are correct - weather has a distinct probability of following some sort of cyclical pattern - 50 years or whatever.

But this has no bearing on long term Climate Change. Climate & Weather, while related are only 2nd cousins at the best.

The scientific hypothesis of Modern Climate Change is well supported by factual evidence such as ice cores & sediment cores showing significant CO2 (& other) data over 100s of millennia.

Weather is a but a blip.

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Agree but it plays a fact when considering long time changes ergo 50-100yrs.

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Why ask? Just do.

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Cant believe the Japanese are conned by the rubbish Al Gore has to say

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pacint - yes it's a part of, but has little to do with climate change other than a temporary reflection.

Climate change runs long term - not 50~100years.

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The sad thing is that man made climate change will result in the deaths of millions, mass migration the likes of which the world has never seen before and result in more wars.

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The 50-100 figure is just a random figure I decided on but great that posters focus on that Vs the real issue.

Really shows the true intent of posters.

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Yet, there are many studies countering showing man drive it, aka coral bleaching, etc.

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Cap and trade isn't reducing greenhouse gas in the slightest it just shifts output it to another day.

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Still waiting for the Anti Climate Change crowd to explain why oceans are heating up, etc.

Needed to be driven by something, ditto for other observed phenomenon which affect us as human beings. Waiting for an explanation from them backed by data/studies.

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You all clueless AF.

Assuming you do believe in climate change being drivin by humans (wake up! It is). The ten biggest shipping ships in the world make more co2 than all the cars in the world. Aircon and trucks and cars are a drop in the bucket. Cows (methane 5x worse than co2) and tanker ships are doing 75% of all the damage. Climate arugment coments like those here areike blind people arguing what color my shirt is. Y'all don't even have half the facts right.

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If you consider how much petrol the cars in the world use, how big must these 10 ship's fuel tanks be? How large must their engines be to burn all that fuel and produce all that CO2? 10 ships producing as much polution as, for argument's sake, 100 million cars. So each ship's engine would be around the size of 10 million car engines - which would be very, very big, around 300,000 cubic metres.

Where are these monster ships?

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