Koizumi backs Hosokawa for Tokyo governor, targeting Abe's nuclear policy

By Linda Sieg

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Does Mr.Koizumi know something we do not know?? Why is Mr.Koizumi so adamant about supporting Mr.Hosokawa and using this election to tell us how much he dislikes nuclear power?? I hope there is not something worse going on up there in Fukushima etc...with the crappy Tokyo Electric nuclear power plants, etc...

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Could be good, this guy might push to convert Tokyo to renewables - then everyone can see how unreadable it is for a big city.

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Anyone knows if permanent residents have the right to vote in municipal elections yet? I'd like to vote for this guy...

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Anyone knows if permanent residents have the right to vote in municipal elections yet? I'd like to vote for this guy...

never will happen, those politicians know that we can see true they lies from a mile away, if we can vote the like of Abe and Ishihara will never be in power.

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Go get him Mr Koizumi !

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Canadian: a persin born in Japan and live in tokyo. It has nothing to ddo with foreigner will vote against what Japanese vote. Just every dity and prefecture has Koseki-ka jimusho and your family registries are handled by them. This offices couldn;t care less of if you are communists or anti Japan or pro japan. Just jimu-sho. Jo,u in handles. They don;t even know what you think. Japanese Govermment officials have no power.

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Koizumi challenges Abe's policy? Isn't he Abe's mentor?

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It's like playing a Russian Roulette committing to nuclear energy once again after the last disaster. Abe is NOT concerned about our long term safety... he is willing to risk yours & mine in order to continue producing cheap home grown nuclear energy. I would personally pay more if we can eradicate nuclear disaster from Japan for ever.

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@regz4gg: You remember ! He was LDP PM and Abe backer. He is retired and he promoter of anti-nuclear agenda that dissociate him from LDP inner politicians/ LDP backed Masuzoe becuase Masuzpe had LDP andDPJ sipport at the poll (No.1). However, things changed since then. Hosokawa is from warm Kyusyu so he is for Green energy. (Solar Energy). He and Hosokawa found common ground for TEPCO type operation. Hosokawa, if elected, will make Tokyo shares of TEPCO,away I'd bet. LDP presumed Masuze is sure shoo in. But Masuzoe was less knwn to Tokyp people who are not for any parties. So, people who did Qualitative analysis express Hosokawa win. Kind of hard for Masuzoe when the name of Utsunomiya is well known in Tokyo. And now famous Hosokawa.

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They need to say what alternatives to nuclear power are acceptable, and present a practical plan for getting there from here.

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76? Way too old. oyajis at the top complacently running this place into the ground.

Nothing changes.

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The thing scares me the most in Tokyo governor race is that there are no fresh voices/faces from younger generation to campaign for the spot.

It appears that all of the of candidates are from ojiisan group. Worse, they look like a bunch of stale ronins who are trying to chase their glory past.

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A non-nuclear stance is a noble aspiration. It is not a political policy. That would require an alternative scenario for Japan's and Tokyo's energy needs.

Toshiko: what are you trying to say?

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As much as it is a good thing to see politicians joining forces against nuclear power, unfortunately, the success of Abenomics lays heavily on a return to nuclear power. For Japan to prosper without nuclear energy will mean extremely radical economic reforms, which will cut the amount of cash being fed into the bureaucratic cronies' coffers and fed into the general population. Sadly, all the cronies that have been stuffing their coffers are not gonna give that up easily.

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Good on Koizumi to sticking to his guns on the nuclear issue.

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He's OK! But my money's still on Utsunomiya!

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I am all for Koizumi and Hosokawa because they are standing up tall against nuke. You go guys!!

Who wants monster nukes on "TOFU" islands of Japan? You don't even know what to do with Fukushima Daiichi.

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I don't know why the topic of nuclear energy should have any relevance in policy for the governor of Tokyo . If there were nuclear power plants in Tokyo, then okay. But, why is this even an issue? Just because it's the "in" thing at the moment?

A survey by the local Tokyo newspaper showed that about two-thirds of Tokyo voters want to exit nuclear power sooner or later

But. why does it matter in regards to who is governor of Tokyo??? Why is it even discussed in connection with it?

Unless he is going to push to build renewable energy plants in Tokyo, then I don't see why it is important at all.

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“Hosokawa was forced to resign in April 1994 after it came to light that he had accepted a 100 million yen loan from a trucking company previously accused of bribery and links to organized crime. Amid allegations of bribery, Hosokawa argued that the money was a loan and produced a receipt to show that he had paid it back” –Wikipedia

One oriental saying (2,000 years ago) goes like: -- “The 50 stepster laughs at the 100 stepster”. Both are defeated by the enemy and both escape from the battlefield in the most disgraceful manners, but the guy who runs for 50 steps and stops feels he has the moral supremacy over the guy who runs for 100 steps, thereby proudly displays it, triumphantly.

Time has changed. 2,000 years later it is the one who “borrowed” 100 million yen feels he has more moral ground than the one who “borrowed” 50 million yen, and thus to replace him. Both waving receipts to prove innocence.

In many cases the term “Socialists” means guys using society (a community, a nation, a political stage) as playing ground for realizing personal desires and ambitions. They promise 3 months free vacations and 100% pay hike to gather volts; they allow immigrants to please certain races; China uses Japan to firm up its iron grip on its own people; Koizumi and Hosokawa use nuclear issue as step stone for returning to power? - - .

What is needed is a “Balanced nuclear policy” –(Abe). Nuclear is a worry and a threat, solar and wind is still a vision, air pollution is immediate, dangerous, expensive, and very real, so which one?? What about equally serious nationwide power deficiency? What about power rate hike - - you can discuss, but you must not use the issue as campaign slogan for getting elected, you do so, you cannot protest if others call you “hikyou” (cowardly), or a 50 stepster.

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Well, these two primer ministers were not able to solve the economic problems of the 90's and 10's. No nuclear power means = debts increases. US, France and most of developed nations have it.

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Sorry, should be "or a 100 stepster".

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hkitagawaJan. 15, 2014 - 12:21PM JST

Well, these two primer ministers were not able to solve the economic problems of the 90's and 10's. No nuclear power means = debts increases. US, France and most of developed nations have it.

US (except West Coast) France and most of developed nations are not in the Ring of Fire earthquake prone zone. Japan has 3 scars of nuke spills-Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima. How many more nuke spills do you want? Do you know many professionals are predicting Japan may have another big blow in near future?

So debt increases.

Which one is more important to you between National Debt vs Safety?

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It should be abundantly clear that nuke power in Japan is a bad idea, when you factor in tepco & their ilk, govt, the regulatory agencies & then nuke power is TOTALLY SCARY!!

Japan might survive Fukushima, we aren't anywhere near outta the woods on that one but one thing is clear, if Japan has one more big nuke accident & to me it seems only a question of WHEN not if! Then Japan is toast! For good! Then Japan would be absolutely FORCED to end nuke power!

Given how stupid govt & politicians are my bet is Japan is going to stick with nukes until an even worse disaster hits, man I wish I could go back 2+ decades now & start my Japan time over given what I know now, then I would have left 18-19yrs ago!

Those who left after 3/11 are looking smarter as time goes by!

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I have heard many scientists are predicting a major possible earthquake in Kanto or Tokai in this spring. Hope they are wrong.

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The downside about Koizumi was that during his time in office he never hesitated to visit Yasukuni shrine

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Japan obviously have no resources to generate the electricity it needs. So if not nuclear, then what? Has anyone looked at Japan's import deficit recently? Is Koizumi thinking bunny and butterflies can power Japan?

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When it comes to "nuclear energy" there is no greater chest thumping that takes place on the world arena. Nuclear means power and there is no greater symbol than nuke power, but with all of its hype all nuclear is just an over hyped steam engine. Uranium does not create energy for all it does is make large quantities of steam that drives a turbine; doing some complex to accomplish a simple task. Global Warming has forever changed the landscape of the and the rising seas will be a testament to this, how will Japan, and other island nations adapt to; this change? Will nuclear by the answer, or will it be its downfall? What will happen when there is another tsunami that took so many lives in Japan, could Japan's nuclear facility withstand another devastation which it has not fully recovered from? Another devastating tsunami will happen; for it is not a matter of if it it just a matter of when.

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never will happen, those politicians know that we can see true they lies from a mile away, if we can vote the like of Abe and Ishihara will never be in power.

Is there an incredibly large number of foreigners, who could drastically influence voting if only they had the right to participate, living in Tokyo that I'm not aware of?

Or is it that some members of the foreign community wear capes and can fly around in their underpants?

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The US has not built a nuclear plant in decades. Fukushima put a halt to any plans. The US.is an energy rich country, soon to be energy independent in 2 years. Japan has the riches supply of geothermal but does nothing with it except onsens.

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@ka-chan: You are right. Nuclear energy is an old story. Solar Energy has been replacing nuclear energy plant. Plenty sunshine do not have to be imported from Mongolia. Believe me or not, Solar energy plants are successful with Mitsubishi, built plants and successful and honest solar panel builders are Japan I Inc branches.

Some people are pushing younger candidate such as the one Ishihara bacjed. 76 is not old in Japan, especially Kyushu abd Okibawa. Remind you Hosokawa origin is Kumamoto in Kyushu.

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News Flash - 76 is old. Way past retirement age of any country. This guy should be relaxing in a retirement home like most people his age, not battling to become the next Tokyo mayor.....

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Aussieboy: So, you want the younger candidate Ishihara backs. Have you been to Japan Inc. executive parties? Majority of them are over 80 dominating US industry. Japan is not like your country. Tokyo pwoplwe will decide/ Hosokawa will work for welfare reform in Tokyo. If Yoko Ono boss around world welfare, Emperor goes every country? Why not Hosokawa. He is not 80 yet/ Maybe iJapan is very different than Aussie, But Japan do not put older people in closet. Tokyo will never copy your country;s traqdition. People respect elders.

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One of the serious drawbacks in nuclear energy is how to deal with nuclear wastes, and Japan has not been able to prove its track records on the matter so far in terms of investing needed resources on secured technologies and land-use.

Politians such like Abe who are pro nuclear energy are shortsighted in it for going after their political gratifications and careers rather than long term planning of the country

Let me try to draw a parallel example to clear the air a little: July last year, Detroit, the largest city ever in America filed chapter 9 bankruptcy, the main reason of the bankruptcy occurred because, for years, the elected politicians in Detroit promised generous payouts to the unions and constituents through borrowing excessively from the muni bond markets. Did elected politicians know the dire consequences ? Of course, they knew but as long as they could avoid the disaster in their tenures, they continued piling the debts.

Some of people here may question “what Detroit gotta to do with Japan’s nuclear energy policy?” Well, yes there are - shortsightedness and sneaky politicians are not limited in the borderlines. Who will pay the hefty prices when the disaster takes place ? I am assuming, the answer should not be too hard to figure it out.

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Tokyo To has no nuclear power plant. 2/3 of its population has expressed opposition to it. So what else can an anti-nuclear-power mayor do beyond all that? The Olympic project with its multi-billion yen budget is like a piece of rotten meat attracting all sorts of flies, such that the primary qualification for a candidate should be a clean, untainted image: --if Inose was no good because of that, why another carbon copy? There is no way you can avoid being looked upon with a question mark, when you know 2/3 of Tokyoites are against something, you will jump out and say me, me I am against it.

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Ethan wrote what Detroit gotta to do with Japans nuclear energy policy Don';t you have info about nuclear waste dump site plan which failed year after year in USA? Japan is not bankrupting. what Detroit gotta to do with Japan's nuclear energy policy? Please write things about nuclear energy waste.

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toshikoJan. 16, 2014 - 12:18AM JST

what Detroit gotta to do with Japan's nuclear energy policy? Please write things about nuclear energy waste.

Toshikosan, Ethan has a point. He was talking about a failure and a shortsightedness of Detroit policies relative to Japan's shortsightedness in energy policy. I agree with Ethan. It is very critical Japan to think ahead of 20, 50 years for energy policy. This is a weakness of Japan as Japanese politicians are not risk takers.

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@zichi: Well, Hosokawas will work for Tokyo-to Problems more but teaming up with charming Koizumi against nuclear energy is plus and plus to be elected as Tokyo-to Governor. They are talking about Green Energy (Solar Energy) instead of out-of-dated nuclear energy. Sunshine is free, unlike uranium from Mongolia. Abe is trying to replace Nuclear Energy with oil from Africa. Sunshine is still economical for Tokyo people.

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Agree with you toshiko.

"Risingsun" is the hope of future. Government should promote solar energy so normal household can afford it.

Make more ---> more supply-> lower cost of make --> consumer can switch to solar energy at an affordable price in the future.

Perhaps some government incentive program to attract citizens for switching to solar energy. I believe US got these kind of program before for hybrid carbuyers.

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The whole point about elderly people not running for office is that - while they are experienced - they are usually more rigid, too conservative, and less open to new ideas. Having said that, Hosokawa seems preferable to Ishihara`s choice

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"- - - they are usually more rigid, too conservative, and less open to new ideas."

Very forgettable too. In an interview with writer-journalist Ikegami Akira, Mr Kosokawa said: “Had Mr. Abe declared that due to our nuclear power-plant crisis we intend to decline the offer, then the world’s esteem of Japan as a country would have been markedly higher. Even after the selection, had he declined, everybody in the world would have said: “Oh, what a great country Japan is!” Now how will he handle Tokyo Olympic in case he is elected?

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A Japanese engineer who helped build reactor 4 at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant said such plants are inherently unstable, urging Taiwan to ditch atomic energy for renewable resources. This is article is proof that Nuclear Plants and not safe in Japan.

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Olympic: He probabry pursuade Hashimoto to work for olympic and paralympic committee/ He is pretty good in recruiting different doctorine people. He is not a dectator. Maybe KawaguchI. Maybe Torigoye? His ability to include different types of people are the reason LDPbig shots are panicked.

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