Komeito chief visits China to seek lifting of seafood ban


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This has a small chance of matrializing. China has to give face to Kishida.

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Komeito doing what it does best - kowtow to China.

As long as Komeito is part of the ruling coalition the LDP will never be able to take steps to ensure that Japan stands up to the CCP. As the below article suggests -


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Just let it go, Japan

For God's sake.

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The Komeito is corrupted, they want to stay in power of the coalition and collaboration with the dirty LDP.

The fishery products attempt to sell to China is a kind of warfare,a slow motion poisoning.

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A third of the Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong have shut up shop because of the ban on Japanese fish.

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China and Japan need each other.. Be friends instead of enemies..

US is the only one who benefits from the crises in the region..

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The panda bit at the end seemed kind of random but how can a kawaii culture say no to these cute rascals.

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deanzaZZRToday 12:08 am JST

The panda bit at the end seemed kind of random but how can a kawaii culture say no to these cute rascals.

It's a concern in the US where China withdrew all of its pandas. Aside from being mean spirited, it raises questions about whether China is planning something militarily.

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Japan is becoming an international settlement zone for multiple world powers like China, United States,....

Komeito kowtows to China is an exemplar sign of this!

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Komeito can take a hike. And so can China. Japan should ban all foodstuiffs from China for health reasons.

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There are no friends in a nation. Foolish illusions will only lead to your death.

Moreover, the Japanese people who consider China a friend are unfortunately an endangered species.

Komeito's pro-China performance will make it profitable if China lets its guard down.

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