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Korean A-bomb victims angered by Obama's Hiroshima visit


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While the South Koreans were arguable the biggest victims, but placing their anger on the U.S. is about as misplaced as it gets. All their anger should be on the Japanese government, and the only apology should come from the Japanese government.

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So they want the Japanese to apologise for putting them in a situation where Koreans would be bombed by the Americans, and they want the Americans to apologise for bombing them?

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“Apologise to Korean victims of the Atomic Bomb” and “Acknowledge the 2nd generation victims”.

Acknowledging that others died besides Japanese I can understand. Acknowledging that they were POWs and/or forced laborers I could also understand. Demanding an apology when he's not even going to apologize to the nation the bombs were dropped on, I cannot.

wipeout: "Korean anger is frequently misplaced."

And it's also frequently not misplaced, but people just say it is, or call them liars or what have you. I mean, just look at Mr. Noidall's comment:

"Just give them some money; that's all they ever want anyway. To bad there isn't a victims award ceremony; the koreans would clean up."

Why should they be mad they are constantly spit on like this, right? They should be happy and eat it up, I suppose.

In this case, the demand for an apology is wrong, but the anger and frustration is somewhat understandable.

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Koreans have a lot to be angry about. Look at their history. They just can't be left alone. I feel bad for them but at the same time, I agree, they have problems with misplacing their anger.

Their anger and apology demands should be placed squarely on Japan - if Japan had not invaded China and Korea in the 1930's none of the other events would have happened.

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Japan : "ok. I'm sorry we got bombed. Better?"

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stop living in the past... it cant be changed but lessons can be learnt. The younger generation has nothing to do with the sins of the past. Im sorry but hv a general bad impression on korea (n china) because of this brainwash.

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“Apologise to Korean victims of the Atomic Bomb” and “Acknowledge the 2nd generation victims”.

Ohh what nonsense!! Apologize to koreans? Pffftt--- It wasn't Americas fault that koreans were either in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or both.

Too many shoes to be worn for Obama's historical Hiroshima visit. But ALL the shoes, ultimately, need & must to be worn by none other than Japan-

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“Japan is the country that began the war. Koreans are the victims of the atomic bomb...” Um...how about human beings? I'm not saying to drop the grievances regarding the treatment. I'm just saying that there's a human toll here and that one can insist on history and memory while at the same time making an appeal for the humanity of the victims of war. Many innocent Japanese suffered along with Koreans too. That's true. I never deny people's suffering but I think there's something myopic about this particular method. Pointing out that they suffered is a positive thing. But pitting themselves against others and laying blame on this occasion seems a bit crass. And I'm not saying anything about apologies here. Just about acknowledging a moment of shared human suffering. It's all a bit of symbolism anyway as the whole air campaign of total war didn't discriminate between people's nationalities, ages, views, sex, involvement, etc. WWII was a period of massive, unimaginable torture and death. Is the only legacy which group gets recognized? Politics can really ruin a potentially good thing.

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Koreans deserve an apology from the Japanese.. in fact the Japanese should apologize for instigating everything that happened in the South Pacific during WWII. My grandmother and grandfather remember having to hide from the Japanese soldiers when they would routinely come through their villages looking for Chinese to murder and rape. The death toll of these atrocities really makes Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem like karma against the empire that was Japan. God-forbid that anyone should ever drop the A-bomb again.. but it was necessary and most Americans agree. We don't have to go around the world apologizing for saving it from two ethnocentric evils that were the Nazis and the Japanese.

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Our desperately seeking a legacy President has opened up a can of worms by visiting Hiroshima. He is excellent example of being ignorant of foreign relations and its ramifications. Was it his super ego agreeing to this visit or John Kerry's idea?

The DAV and VFW should be outraged at this decision. He has opened up old wounds.

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I would like an apology from South Korea for the endless whinging that my eyeballs are subjected to on this site.

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Korea is even trying to steal Japan's thunder when it comes to Hiroshima. "You know, we are the true inventors of atomic bomb victimhood."

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