LA mayor plans Asia trade trip


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mayor hopes to create jobs by luring investment from overseas

And how is he going to lure investment? Is his girlfriend, Lu Parker the lure?

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California, including Los Angeles were part of Mexico until we lost a war, if you are Mexican, so even if you are Mexican American we are very proud of the first Mexican American mayor for the city of angels, it would be cool to meet him here in Tokyo!

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@ Elbuda Mexicano - Please speak for yourself not for all us Angelinos. Something tells me, we may share a similar background except you have loyalty to Mexico were I dont. I really want to say the Mayor is in it for the publicity and more than likely this little vacation for him will bring nothing to my city. Also more than likely, anyone who reads Japan Today more than likely don't give 2 mierdas about Mexico, I know I don't.

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Elbuda MexicanoOct. 26, 2011 - 02:13PM JST. if you are Mexican, so even if you are Mexican American we are very proud of the first Mexican American mayor for the city of angels,

They are spending $300,000 for what? What a waste of money. You must be also proud of former hispanic mayor of San Jose. Gonzales became one of the first Hispanic mayors of a 10th largest U.S. city in 1998 In 2006, then Mayor Ron Gonzales was booked on fraud, bribery and embezzlement charges following a grand jury probe into a secretly negotiated garbage contract that cost taxpayers more than $11 million. Two months later, he admitted an extramarital affair with a 25-year-old subordinate. Since then, the city has been racked by contract scandals. What a great tradition of hispanic mayor.

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I think that the Asian countries will just smile at Mr. Villaraigosa and his Date Club Girlfriend, Miss Lu Parker, who is a newscaster on KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles.

I heard some stories of Mr. Villaraigosa's mistakes and arrogance the last time he visited Asia.

Given that he likes to spend as much as US$130,000 per week on his trips, according to the LA Times, I think this is really a fancy vacation for him and his Date Club GF.

LA has serious problems. Instead providing leadership, our Mayor epitomizes the shallow, selfish, self-indulgent, narcisstic ways of Southern California.

It is good that Asians just tend to smile in a superficial way and act "atmospheric" towards people like him.

There are others in LA who are working to make things better, and to help Japan.

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