Land ministry officials punished over statistics-tampering scandal


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Yasushi Kaneko said he will request a statistics commission to review how data are collected in all 53 sections

wow! a not just a committee but a commission! all that lovely teate 手当 to be had....

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For over 20 years, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism had rewritten or overstated data when compiling its monthly construction orders, according to findings of the third-party panel that investigated the matter

Anybody that trusts Japanese government data is a flat out fool. 20 years? , 20 years of misinformation. The stories keep on coming, falsified this, double counted that. The government are so pathetic the have to lie for decades to save face. But happy happy joy joy….get to work.

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Prosecutors? Where are the prosecutors? The legal system, that the superiors were reluctant to address the issue. including Vice Minister Buichiro Kuroda were admonished.

‘admonished what the hell is that.

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After all the time and money spent on math schooling this is the result? Clearly, kids need to spend more time learning about how politics work in the real world of "Wa".

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If I had supplied misleading data to the Tax office over decades, I'd be mince-meat now.

Public in Japan need to grow some gumption and challenge this blatantly corrupt LDP and it's system of servility.

70 years is too long.

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At the very lest, they should have been fired as a warning to others.

Their replacements would have then have incentive not to fake figures.

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Faking is common Japan. I was shocked when I first arrived and to this day, still very shocked.

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The practice "was extremely regrettable and the response to the problem when it came to light was also abominable," Saito said in a press conference on Friday.

Regrettable that it came to light. Will another amongst the myriad of falsification come to light ? if lucky maybe 20 years later.

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