S Korean lawmaker-elect denies wrongdoing over 'comfort women' funds


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She is lying through her teeth.

No doubt there will be some who will side with this lawmaker-elect by deeming the former comfort woman a "disgruntled" individual with personal agendas.

There is no way this lawmaker-elect did not misappropriate funds for her (and others) personal use, and there is no doubt that she and others pressured comfort women to never accept any form of apologies or compensation from the Japanese government.

She is beyond despicable.

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I wonder if this kind of issue will go till 2030.

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This woman Yoon and President Moon need to be booted out at the election for corruption. Stirring up hate against Japan is despicable. These things happened almost 100 years ago, let it go already.

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In a nutshell, paragraph three. Capitalizing while playing the victim card, stirring up nationalistic sentiments and hatred only to further one's personal gain. Sound familiar? It should, because it's been done throughout history and is being replayed now.

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Do I see blood coming? More than Japanese, Koreans seem so sensitive to public opinion.

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

SK will never grow up when continuously putting such people into high offices. Sadly also that AP ist publishing news from the SK point of view (good work SK) by spreading the information SK was taken of Japans preferential trading list because of a phony forced labor verdict.

It is so sad to see such childish behavor hindering SKn youth to grow up without prejudice. I just wish SK takes responsibility once by accepting an ICJ verdict about the issues they have with Japan. Regrettfully keeping this smoldering conflict going seems to be part of SK politics.

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The major problem in S Korea is that you have many in that society who do not pay much heed to critical thinking; reflexive and extreme nationalism and emotive irrational anti Japanese sentiments is taught in school textbooks.

This so-called sexual slavery is clearly illustrative of such manipulation of society for political ends!

It is no wonder that myriad Korean politicians, activists, and many other ne'er-do-wells have exploited this easy opportunity to swindle their fellow Korean citizens.

This lady, Yoon, is not a hero.

Yoon, and others of her ilk, are hucksters!

8 ( +13 / -5 )

Time to pay for all the hatred and damage this organizations have done. I can only hope the general Korean population can finally realize that these organizations and people protesting in front of the embassy "for the sex slaves," couldn't give two hoops about these women. They all have their secret agendas and interests.

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I would seriously investigate these allegations, IF, she's guilty, she needs to arrested on charges of fraud and embeslement, and then she need to repay the money back into the gift aid fund, ( with interest ) and then she needs to be punished, with a large fine or a custodial sentence.

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Womem like Yoon and organizations like this have effectively destroyed SK-JPN relations. By milking the issue and profiting off of the real victims they have controlled SK public sentiment and diplomacy since the 1990s. They even managed to destroy the popularity of SK in Japan (Kanryu boom). The surviving CWs whom these organizations purport to represent are still waiting for the money that Japan has paid. Time for South Korea to clean house and take back control from these crooks making a living off of others' suffering. No wonder they don't want it to end.

This from a former CW says it all:

The former sex slave, Lee Yong-su, has also said in recent media interviews that Yoon and a support group for the victims she led until March preached hatred during nationalistic weekly rallies in front of the Japanese Embassy. Lee said the deep animosity between the two nations over their history can only be resolved through education and more exchanges with younger Japanese people.

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Until Japan addresses its war crimes in history education it deserves no respite from attempts to hold it to account.

-13 ( +2 / -15 )

I am rather critical of the support group, but it is very premature to judge the past of the new elected lawmaker. Investigations are ongoing and many S. Koreans are waiting for the results. It is very dangerous to verdict too early based on all allegations provided by the Korean media, which is infamous for propaganda and partisanship, not to mention the government-controlled Japanese press such as “kisha clubs”.

Anyway, Japan needs to stop brainwashing the Japanese people with distortion of history by assuming themselves as a victim rather than an aggressor. In the future, they may teach a truthful history to future generations, and allow more freedom for the Japanese press.



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Stop fanning the flame of hatred from past if you don't want to burn the future down. Do the right thing and teach history properly, without bias and with honesty. Settle and talk earnestly with one another instead of being painfully childish. Don't reverse "irreversible" agreement if you want your words to hold any weight. Uphold promises.

Something both Korea and Japan should do.

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SJMay 30  10:42 pm JST

Anyway, Japan needs to stop brainwashing the Japanese people with distortion of history by assuming themselves as a victim rather than an aggressor.

That the Japanese civilians were victims of the war is a fact. As are the civilians of all the nations involved. The civiians were not the "aggressors" the military government was.

Souoth Koreans need to stop brainwashing their population that they were merely "victims" of Japan in WWII, during whuch time Koreans willingly served in the Imperial Japanese military, some convicted as war criminals.

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