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Lawmakers criticize labor ministry over faulty jobs data


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Oh no, not criticism. It's the kryptonite of the Japanese people. How about some actual criminal charges or loss of job/pension? No, no, that would be asking way to much for people to actually do their job, right?

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I cast doubt on casting doubt, it's Japan! Nothing is as it seems. Little scratch and hey presto lies, corruption, duplicity but some how everyone is innocent? Anyone involved directly who has any sence of honor usually kill themselves as the finance ministry official involved begrudgingly in the Osaka school shimozol demonstrated.

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So, it’s a blatant fraud in which millions of people were duped and the only penalty is to be criticized. What a joke!

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Has the minister accepted responsibility and resigned? Have the senior staff from the last 20 years been investigated by impartial external bodies and prosecuted for their actions? Has there been a cross party investigation set up?

No? So it is just an exercise in cover up and whitewash!

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The government has said it will retroactively pay the more than 53 billion yen ($480 million) that it had failed to give to beneficiaries of state-funded insurance programs.

I am personally waiting to see my check! BUT I will believe it when I see it!

The senior official said, however, that there were more than 10 million people that the ministry could not locate, and that it would take some time to find their addresses.

BULLSNIT! 10 million people, or roughly 8% of the population did not suddenly become "unregistered" and disappear!

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Opposition forces criticized the recent tweak as "fake Abenomics," suggesting it was motivated by a desire to make Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies appear more successful.

You would be a fool to think ANY of the figures that come from Abe's offices are anything but fake and/or skewed to make the LDP look like they care.

While Nemoto and dozens of ministry officials have been disciplined, an investigative panel of statistics experts and lawyers ruled earlier this week that there is no definitive evidence of a systematic coverup.

This is the type of 'logic' that would fry an AI super-computer's CPU as it tried to reconcile the notion! We are well and truly living in an Orwellian reality now. What an entrenched mess of an administration.

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And yet still the ruling classes and their measly minions get no broad condemnation from the masses.

Why isn't there a parade of voices outside the govt?

Just astounds me in a so called democracy that apathy, indifference, acquiescence or whatever you want to call it is so ubiquitous.

Don't people get sick of the profound lying?

How can the people accept one scandal after another, after another, after another?

This disgusting episode by the labor ministry, a wall of lies to support Abe Inc, is criminal in the least.

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