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Lawmakers begin debate on casino bill


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Our 'visit Japan' and Abenomics policies need this policy," said Masaaki Taira, another ruling party lawmaker. "The 'Godfather world' is over."

So, Abenomics needs to fleece people of their life savings in order to finance itself? This is going to be a disaster. Abe and his goombas scare me more than Don Corleone.

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Today's global economy is one giant casino, where the odds are all rigged in favour of the wealthy and powerful. Do we really need smaller versions in our cities and towns to remind us of the filth of money and its handlers?

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LDP politicians are lazy. With Casino, they can get away with infrastructure reforms to a true efficiency in economics as Abe promised as the "Third Allow".

The Casino is the easiest way to raise tax revenue and cash inflow from abroad. The LDP is not thinking ahead clearly what negative outcomes that are associated with the International Casino.

I believe the social negative outcome (international crimes) cost will weight much more than the inflow tax revenue.

Who will pay for it? YOU DO.

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Debate? Can see it now...¥1,000,000, No I say my vote is worth ¥20,000,000, I need ¥30,000,000 for my vote, more like an auction.

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This is no debate. The pasing of this law is a foregone conclusion. They have seen how much money Macau and Singapore make from casino gambling. and the moral issue is long dead with horse, bikes, boats, lottery etc already all gambling industries. My guess the industry that will suffer most will be pachinko. Escort agencies will boom.

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There are bicycke racing gamble, too.'

This is just a first step. Next, to create Japanese Gaming Control Board similar to Nevada GCB, Then Currency Transaction Rewgulation to prevent Money Launderinf acrtivities similar to CTRC for Casinos, A lot more regulations, /Because casinos like people spend money in casinos, Japan might have to change sexual industry laws.

Pachinko related organizations are opposing this bill.

Konami and Sega have plans to get into Casino business,'

In Singapore, locals has to pay either once in 24 hour levy or all year aound levy to enter casino hittels. So, if this kind of regulation is approved in Japan, wealthy gamblers who use yakuzas; underground gambling houses might not switch to become casino customers.


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It makes perfect sense for Japan to get into the casino business. The positives out weigh the negatives by a wide margin. Consider the influx in both domestic and foreign tourism. Consider the increase in employment. Consider the increase in national pride once the worlds best casino is built. After passage of said bill, a careful selection process for a "stand out" design and best thought out master plan, should take place in earnest. Japan can then compete with Macau and Singapore for tourist dollar whether the casino is built in Tokyo, or Osaka. The key component to an integrated resort must be nothing short of "breathtaking!" This is where a Japanese casino - resort complex can, and will, have a huge advantage over the competition. It all begins with the "out-of-the-box" thinking for a spectacular resort. Cannot emphasize enough the importance of this initial step. It all begins with a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, design, that which will, leave the competition and guests, in awe!

Any serious developer interested in such a design can contact me at: www.johnbdash@yahoo.com.

Seeing, is believing.

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@Aldebaran: Here, comment writers express their opinions. So please write positive and negative facts. Otherwise, you can not convince people what is good to have casinos in Japan. I have a question. Have you been to casinos and played either table games and/or slot/video poker games? Have you observed gambling people?.

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