Lawmakers say delays possible to casino bill


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This sounds like a terrible idea. 40 billion in revenue, but from who? Most likely everyday people throwing away their paycheque on an addiction is my guess. Who would the revenues go to? Perhaps a few regular people but I imagine the bulk of the profits would just fatten the purse of already wealthy people. I am definitely not in favour of this type of proposal.

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Would any of the profits go to help victims in Tohoku sort out their lives? ...thought so...

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The social costs will be out weight the economic benefits. Many people may not agree, because often social issue often swept under the carpet for the sake of economic benefit & growth.

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Jonobugs - The revenue will come from pachinko halls in the form of a gambling tax, which they have been exempt from. They have also remained exempt from any sort if regulations stipulating payout ratios on their machines and are just printing money. A large percentage of the richest people in Japan are pachinko tycoons that have been able to dodge these taxes for decades. No doubt, it is the position of these tycoons that is influencing the delay in changing the gambling legislation.

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These US casinos are looking for wealthy Norther China's multi-millionaites and billionaires who have to travel to Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malayasia to waste their money. Well, delay is good because Japan has to define status of pachinko parlors that are not required to pay tax, investigate where pachinko parlors; profit are skimmed to go, such as lengthy allegation that they are becoming N Korean missiles, S Korea and Russia are prepared to have casinos anyway. So are Vietnam and Philippin. So, if Japan is not interested, Las Vegas groups have options elsewhere. I doubt very much for Russia - too cold. S Korea, possible. Southeast Asia. morelikely. MGM already revealed another Casino plan in Vegas last week, Cosmopolitan in Vegas was sold this week at $2 billion. So, maybe they couldn't care less delay of Japan? Maybe MGM will spend more money to spend to its planned new sport stadium?

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Typical comments by casino developers... Nothing new... After all, it's just a bunch of "gamblers" "gambling" on whether or not the casino bill will pass. 50:50? Those sound like great odds to a gambler gambling on gambling!

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Delay it!

Delay it forever!

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This news is ignored in Vegas media. Only new item is Mr. Wynn is expected to put the statue of Popeye on display at one of his Las Vegas casino hotels. 28.2 million dollars he paid

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1) US Mega Global Casino owners want to move offshore investments to Japan to avoid the US federal tax.

2)The serious global crime syndicates will aggressively move into Japan with them to disturb Japanese society (safety).

3)Japan does not get anything positive unless the casino owners and businesses pay the fair tax to Japan.

So, what does it mean to you?

In summary, the Japanese need to get something back from the casino owners while giving up something (safety).

Good luck. You can make a right decision on this.

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"delays possible to casino bill"

Unbelievable! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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Do you know how much each Mega casinos pau US federal tax? How much their gross revenue a month?

Do you know the name of global crime syndicates that go to Japan you claim? You mean they can speak Japanese?/ Write the names of such organization.

Do you know how much they pay Nevada State Casino Tax that enable all Nevada State residents do not have to pay income tax? Write amount to convince Japanese people.


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I respond to your question 1.

I am not talking about a federal/state tax generated in US. They are hiding offshore investment in other parts of world, and they are not taxed.

I respond to your question 2.

YES. The FBI has a good idea and record I cannot reveal.

Response to your question 3.

Your answer is not relevant to what I have said. Keep it mind I am talking about offshore investment.

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@globalwatcher: FBI files on pasty Mafioso is not secret. Mafioso from Windy City., NY and Kansas City were not secret. Busy Segel and Mayor Lansky mobs, Moe Dalits Enforcer Tony the Ants, and many past Mafioso were dead but former FBI agents authored about their activities in Vegas in 1980's under blessing of FBI. These mega Casinos were small operators who were not invited by then Mafia which had Jimmy Hoffa's Teamster Pension fund. So, you think FBI keeps secret, No, when Howard Hughes could not get Casino license, FBI loaned their agents to Howard as front man for Howard business so Howard secretly obtained casinos one at a time and Nevada legalized corporations can own casinos ( before that, corporations could not get license). Mafias are not in Vegas. So, can't you name any organization that will invade to Japan> From where? The record I checked show these offshore mega casinos have been paying Federal Tax. We all know that in Vegas but I checked to make sure they have been paying. Beside that, they pay high tax to the countries and cities Just visit FBI local office. They will give you copy of the list. I don;t have to but you might have to say you need for your research. Get fact and accuse them. False accusation, you are doing while you can dig their sins easier than writing false accusation.

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The Casino will destroy Japanese society. Gambling addicting is worst then drug addiction. I don't want to hear later Politicians regret about voting for Casino on Japanese soil.

One of former Premiers of Victoria said she regret about introduced Pokies Machines in Victoria. Family lost home and job, suicide, marriage broken up and children end in foster care.

She is witnessing what happening to ordinary family, young man and young woman life after she had introduced Pokies Machine which led to opening of Melbourne’s first Crown Casino.

Gambling is major problem for hard working Australian-Asian community in Australia. Young women are becoming prostitute and drug mule for to pay back money to loan shark. Men becoming drug mule and end up with death penalty in Singapore, Vietnam and other countries. Peoples when they do gambling their mind is only in the game. They do not think about tomorrow and family. After money gone, they regret little but they can not stop it.

Japanese Government needs to prepare for increasing crimes and its citizens arrest for drug trafficking in overseas if Government wanted to open Casino in Japan.

Japanese Companies need to prepare for extra security of their Company's technology information and trading secrete if Government allowed Casino in Japanese soil. 50-50 chance of their employees can steal Company's technology and trade information for to exchange with money they need for gambling.

The Banks need to extra careful about its employees stealing their client money and Bank money. Well-known Electronic retailer Company went bankrupt in Melbourne because one of employee stole company money $ 8 millions from employer. Many fellow employees have lost their job as well.

Japan has many tourist attractions with new world and old world. Japan is difference from former Colony country and territory like US and Macau. US and Macau only have hundred years old history but Japan has thousands years old history and traditional.

I urge Japanese politicians for vote against Casino bill if you’re not benefiting from Casino business. Some pro-Casino Politicians may question about what difference between Pachinko, Keba between Casino. Casino is like 24 hours adult fun house. You can go there 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and you can play on Machine or Table games. You can bet big money and lot attractions for amateur gamblers Jack pot prize from couple of hundred dollars to a million dollar but you will lose your money before someone else win Jack Pot. A million dollars Jack Pot is just once a year but Pokies Machine is eating your money in daily basic. You can find elder pensioner homeless peoples in Las Vegas or elsewhere where Casino is operating. Those peoples lost their life saving and home by playing Pokies Machine. Young peoples becoming robber, drug dealer, drug mule and prostitute by playing on Table games. Addict to gambling is same as drug addict. They will steal money from family saving and other peoples. They are expecting their money back and in the end they lost everything. I don’t know why most of first time visitor to Casino always won. They think easy to make money in Casino and they are hooking to gambling after their first visit win.

Casino will suck all you’re wealth and you’re life until you becoming homeless or suicide. Japanese Politicians have moral obligation to protect their citizens from losing human dignity.

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n@kobuta chan: You wrote about Australian gambling situation. You have really good point for Australiam gambling addoctopm problems. Over 80% of Australian adults engage in gambling of some kind which is the highest rate of gambling in the world.

Total employment in the gambling industry in Australia (thousands of people) since 1984 In 2007-08 the states collected about $3 billion from poker machines, and $4.9 billion from all forms of gambling, accounting for 9.1% of their total revenue] The NSW government receives about $1 billion from poker machines, and $1.6 billion from all forms of gambling.

It is quite different than Vegas casino business. Unlike Australia, Video pokers are not main casino games. Table games are main games in which locals hardly participate. Tourists are suckers here in Nevada. In Japan, there are illegal gambling arenas that yakuza group operate. Their customers are wealthy people and some wealthy politicians. It has hanafuda 'oicho kabu' games and mah jongg for sophisticated people/ Then women are usually not allowed. You can nose their place by place you index finger to your nose at entrance if you are not known in that gambling house. In Japan, pachinkos are not considered gambling because prise and/or balls are paid, not money.

I am pretty sure Nevada moguls will not go to Australia to learn Australian style gaming but concentrate on their business style in Tokyo if accepted.

I think Japanese politicians will push further so that they don;t have to sneak into Yakuza's illegal gambling houses. But, many politicians who don't gamble may stop. However, Mitsui group might push as Mitsui is way richer than all vegas casino moguls added up. How many trillion dollars organization is Mitsui????

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@globalwatcherMAY. 17, 2014 - 01:50PM JST Toshiko Mafias are not in Vegas. So, can't you name any organization that will invade to Japan> From where? Why are you only quoting the US bad guys? The FBI HAS a big picture including Russian, the Middle Eastern, South American, Chinese that are linked to the terrorists, PERIOD. You are very naïve, I am sorry to say you forced me to say something in the public website.


Write the name of the countries that have such international criminal/terrisits syndicates that messed up their country after Casinos were created and operated there since this is Japan and Casino moguls proposed casino plans.

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Write the name of the countries that have such international criminal/terrisits syndicates that messed up their country after Casinos were created and operated there since this is Japan and Casino moguls proposed casino plans.

You should be able to write to the US Justice Department. Thanks.

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You still haven't name anything the countries that are messed up by Triads, etc by legalizing casinos in their country. /for instance, Triads organizations. 14K, Wo, Sun Yen On. Luen, Big Circle Group, So Sun On, etc in Hong Kong haven't messed up their country. Justice Dept has terrorist organizations names but they don't have slightest idea that terrorists messed up casino operation legalized couuntries. You can get in touch of such ifo through Harry Reid's Henderson US office in Nevada, instead of writing USJD. Best Josh Reid *Harry's son is Henderson City Attorney and you can contact him to be linked to Harry to ask USJD about what you claim.

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Back on topic please.

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Keeping gambling illegal will not and has not stopped gambling.

Until we drag it out of the cellar, slap it around and hose it down, it will just fester.

If its legal we can control it. But of course if we fail to control it, we will have to blame ourselves as well as the bad guys. But nobody wants to accept blame.

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Best Josh Reid *Harry's son is Henderson City Attorney and you can contact him to be linked to Harry to ask USJD about what you claim.

No, he would not be a help and would not tell you.

If Japan is very interested in doing a casino business, I encourage the J. government to do this to analyze the risk prior to passing the casino bill. The US Justice Department has a very sophisticated info of global criminals.

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this is from last year's proposal'

Among the plan’s proposals is the establishment of an independent gambling regulator that would require casino licensees to provide as much as a decade’s worth of banking, credit and tax information on their senior execs as well as those execs’ family members. This agency would be a cabinet-level body in order to keep it independent of any one government ministry and thus limit the potential for any one minister to fall prey to the lure of corruption at the hands of Japan’s ‘yakuza’ organized crime elements. The policy plan says the idea is to ensure that “the hurdles to enter the business should be set high … With proper regulation and enforcement … there is absolutely no reason for casinos to become hotbeds of criminal activity.”

The draft plan calls for a low limit on the number of casinos that would be permitted in the initial round of approvals so that their adherence to the regulations as well as their impact on Japan’s population can be accurately measured. The plan also envisions a level playing field for the cities and towns vying to host one of the new resort casinos. Major centers like Tokyo and Osaka are obvious frontrunners to land one of the gaming joints, but the plan promises a transparent bidding process that would prevent smaller cities from being squeezed out of contention.

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Please read this proposal very carefully. Do you see too many holes like I read? Please show it to a legal professional and see what he/she will say. I do not think the J agency is not sophisticated and independent as you think. Thanks.

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@Globalwatcher: That was last year's proposal. There will be new one. They haven;t released. They will study carefully and create Gaming Control Board after studying Nevada Gaming Contol Board Operation. So, we will not know yet. I will not criticized something old or something that hasn't been created yet. Casinos are not for everybody. I always tell people don't gamble unless they are Math wiiz. Just enjoy cheap all you can eat buffet or free entertainment shows that some casinos offer. Free soda as boozes are not offered, People don't know but when depression came in 2009, many Math and Info Tech degreed people became dealers. ( more than twice income than their previous jobs that they are still working. Don't worry about legal professions. My two daughters have been attorneys. They find jobs for judges who lose elections in our area, not in Japan.. But Japanese officials who handle these are Harvard educated LLDs and a couple of them are economists., professors, etc/ So, I wouldn't label them unsophisticated.

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You are certainly correct the gambling is not for everyone. The truth is criminals are chasing money flow. They are truly bad ones unlike ones you have described. Good luck to your two daughters.

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They say it will increase tourism but it will be the wrong kind. Not people who appreciate Japanese culture and history for sure. And of course, the profits will go back to the billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who are financing the deal. Japan will be stuck with the costs for increased crime and regulation. I don't agree with this proposal at all!

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