Lawmakers open to limits on casinos in push for bill's passage


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Why is there not more of an uproar about this?

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why should there be an uproar? i can't imagine it being worse than pachinko or other forms of gambling in japan. and if it puts more pachinko parlors out of business the better. the reduction in noise pollution alone would be worth it.

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I'm curious how many other governments around the rest of the world have policies to restrain their citizens from doing whatever they want to with their own money, in the name of fighting gambling addiction? What policies does Japan have to fight all other name of addiction? Anything for computer game addiction?

Also I wonder how non-citizen residents like me will be treated.

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Keep casinos out of the country, please. If you honestly weigh the pros and cons, there is no compelling reason to introduce casinos in Japan. The fact that Japanese politicians want them so bad is a telling sign that bribery, corruption, and problems are certain to follow.

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Casino's are nothing more than packaged vice! They create more problems than they solve. They blur the line between good and bad by claiming benefits that simply do not outweigh the sacrifices and negatives their mere existence impose. Nevada and Macau have embraced gambling completely and from top-to-bottom their economies are built and structured on income from such activities - that's the only way it can succeed.

Japan, New Jersey, Mississippi, California, New York, Seoul, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and now even Singapore don't need it. There are better and more beneficial means of strengthening the economy and boosting tourism (if that is the objective) - especially through honest, productive, and hard work than casinos. Affording visitors (or natives, for that matter) another outlet to indulge in vice, waste time, corrupt youth, cannibalize the local economy and create animosity, addiction, and delusion is Machiavellian and rot in Government and civic leadership. It is a failure of Good People's Better Judgeement against the constant "creep" of insidious decay.

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In Seoul, South Korea, casino entry is limited to foreigners or Koreans with visas living outside of Korea.

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@Nessie: Pachinko related associations and Yakuza oragnizations have been vigorouely opposing. Maybe you join them to protest legalization of gamble.

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