Lawmakers to submit casino legalisation bill by the end of March


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Was always gonna happen. Too much palm greasing money in this for it not to pass.

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This is such a bad idea.

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they should rename it "the yakuza law" XD

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Without casinos, we already have more than enough gambling places in this country as it is. If they must build a casino, build one in their own constituency first.

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@simona: Yakuzas are opposong vigorousely. That was why Adelson could not have his casino proposals never considered in Japan every year/ Dannas of yaluzas' illegas gambling houses include politicians.

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Isn't pachinko gambling??

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Pachinko winnings are "nickle and dime" compared to a casino. Ever been to Vegas? The constant transactions on the floor, blck jack tables, & poker rooms are incredible.

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@kitzrow: horse race, bike race, boat race where winning people receive money are legal gambling, Pachinko pays winning by prize and so it is not in category of gambling. Every year, Casino talks come at least one person ask about pachinko. Winners change prize at prize exchange business. But the activities do not involve betting paying directly so that is not gambling, TomiKuji , TakaraKuji are all legal gambling in Japan.

“integrated resorts” means high rise buildings with at least one floor with table games and many gambling video machines all ove on lower level floors. Also include theaters, No pachinko in such casinos. Restaurants, shopping stores, anything for tourists. Minors can not enter betting are a. Usually none smoking. Many hotel suites for tourists.

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Whoever chooses to gamble would already do so at your local pachinko parlors, mahjong parlors, and as Toshiko mentions, horse/bike/boat races, so I don't see how it could lead to much more gambling addictions. Someone who is not already addicted to these forms of gambling is not going to suddenly become addicted to a slot machine or blackjack.

I say legalize casinos and have 25% of their revenues go to local municipalities for community or school improvements.

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@Tqhoochi: You are right, In Vegas, there is an addict aimed facility. Adelson's wife (PhD holder) donated. BTW, there is no poker rooms in any casinos. As there are variety of poker gamse such as claps, Paigo, etc. Gamblers buy chips at cages but now they can use credit cards. Cage people give a card that explain about if you win more than $10,000 a year, you are required to report to IRS. (amti monopoly). I don't know other states but there is no income tax or corporation tax in Nevada. Tax initiatives are never passed for a long time. Japan will create Gaming Board similar to Nevada, that was a few years ago info. Nevada State budgets were done by gaming tax r better than Mafia was owing quite a while ago. If Japan reduce tax rate, it will be nice. Big gamb;ers are from China anyway.

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Gaming companies such as Las Vegas Sands Corp and MGM Resorts International have been hoping Japan will unlock a casino market that brokerage CLSA estimated could generate annual revenue of $40 billion.

hope all you like - It'll go to Sega-Sammy or one of the other big Pachinko companies

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I think Japan really needs this because the economy is weak and Japan really needs Chinese tourists. Chinese people really like to gamble and this would bring a lot of money to Japan. Unfortunately Japan is not what it used to be and the Japanese people are in need of the Chinese tourists money to live, buy food and other necessities. Especially now that the consumption tax has increased. Hopefully they will build a number of casinos in Tokyo, Kyoto and also Nara, because this is where most tourists go. Japanese people could also setup massage parlors, food scrubbing parlors like in Thailand and so on. I hear tourists from SE Asia really like them. What's the need for the rest of the economy (like technology, healthcare, finance, and so on) when you can just offer your country to tourists from China and SE Asia? It the government also relaxed laws about littering and spitting in the streets this would make many tourists feel more at home. I think this is s a really good proposal. Open Japan! Stop being such a close country! Welcome the tourists from China and stop complaining!

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Because Chines Govt made new restriction laws, Macao is no longer top gambling city. Meanwhile Vegas tourism suddenly increased back and we see Chinese billionaires roaming in Table Ga,me floors.

Last report was that Mitsui has plan, Sands will spend 10 billion, Wynn and MGM will work with Japanese companies together. Japan will create Nevada type Gambling Gaming Board etc.

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