Lawmakers urge gov't to alter Fukushima clean-up goals


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Anything that keeps the clean-up moving forward with transparency is a good thing.

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@CoconutE3: Jopanese Govt. invested on TEPCO and it is the biggest shareholder. Last 2 years, TEPCO operated at loss but this year, bunch of profit iin 1st 1.2 years. So, govet can make TEPCO pay community compensation because it is biggest stock holder. Community Compensation in this case is to help Fukushima victims. So, like you stated, anything clean uo is better is coming up now.

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"The government is also considering a proposal floated earlier this month to offer new compensation to residents in the areas of highest radiation who have no prospect of returning home, officials involved have said."

They damn well better! They probably haven't even received the INITIAL compensation yet, though. First things first, make some decisions, then let the people know they will not be going home and present them with options. Like I've said before, there are plenty of rural areas in Japan that are becoming less and less populated as the population grows and younger people move off to the city, etc. I think a healthy compensation package and promise of land in these areas would see some people decide to go there.

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When TEPCO did not have Govt as large stockholder, and TEPCO was operating at loss, Gove3t could kawmakers could not push at all. The largest and 27 other creditors decided to roll over those debt. Creditors ususllyhave companies future analyais. /so, TEPCO now will begin paying Community Comprehensionfrom its profits instead of paying creditors. Now lawmakers can push TEPCO to pay for Fukushima vuctums,

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I think its a good thing, I know that government is additionally considering a proposal floated earlier this month to supply new compensation to residents within the areas of highest radiation UN agency don't have any prospect of returning home, officers concerned have same.

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