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LDP calls for Noda to hold general election after budget is passed


Liberal Democratic Party leader Sadakazu Tanigaki said Monday that his party will cooperate with new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and the ruling Democratic Party of Japan on efforts to rebuild the Tohoku region, but emphasized that a grand coalition is unlikely.

Noda told a news conference on Monday night that he would like to pursue the idea of a grand coalition with the LDP and its partner, the New Komeito Party, and indicated that he would hold talks with them separately. However, Tanigaki told NHK that he expects the government to call a general election once it has passed the third supplementary budget. Noda said earlier that he would not dissolve the Diet and call a general election anytime in the near future.

Meanwhile, New Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi told reporters he hopes Noda will stick to the agreements worked out by the DPJ and the opposition parties on issues such as the child-care allowance proposal. He also urged Noda to revise the DPJ's 2009 election manifesto, something which DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa has criticized the DPJ leadership over.

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Kan was fighting for little guys.

Was that when he proposed the regressive sales tax hike right before the upper election? Or when he closed the door on any future negotiations over Futenma? Or showboating over Daiichi NPS after previously coming out in favor of nuclear power? Can you name something he's done as PM that hasn't been a waffling reaction?

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What kills me, is that the LDP did the same thing only a few years ago. Koizumi called and won the election, he then stepped down, wink wink nudge nudge and handed off to Shinzo Abe, who was an abject failure. He in turn quickly resigned claiming some imaginary ailment, and then we had Yasuo Fukuda, who only held the job for less than a year, only to be subjected to the final idiot Taro Aso. The interesting thing about the list of LDP politicians is that all of them are second or even third generation politicians. So none of these bozos had the personality to get elected on their own merits, it was only the name they were born with. Now, they have the temerity to demand a snap election. And by the way, as of yet Noda has not been elected as PM yet, that will happen this afternoon, and they are already calling for a snap election. What a bunch of self serving know nothings!

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And it has begun........

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Will some one in the DPJ pls have the stones to go stand up at a podium & start publically shaming the HELL out of the ldp!

Lord knows there is mountains of fodder to do so, go on get up, belt it out how the ldp set up all these scams, swindles, allowed companies to rob us blind, left nuke plants run WAY past their life spans, took tons of $$$$$$$$$ as kick backs & bribes. ETC ETC ETC

Get up their & shame these A-holes into helping the people of Tohoku, just BLODDY DEMAND it

This country's politicians are disgusting beyond belief, SHAME on all these putzes!

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I thought these guys said they would cooperate if Kan stepped down. This doesnt seem much like cooperation to me.

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Mr. Noda had just been elected and already the LDP keeps demanding for a snap election!

Aren't the Japanese public sick of the latter's machinations?

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This is what i said yesterday..pretty soon there will be mounting calls for Noda's resignation.

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The LDP really arent doing themselves any favours here are they?

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True colours....The country has more important things to worry about than which party is occupying which room in the Diet. Just GET ON WITH THE TASK IN HAND and once all the people currently living in school gyms/temporary accommodation are settled in permanent housing with permanent jobs, then you can start playing petty politics again.

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its the politicians playing politics instead of looking after the interests of the people. not any different in the U.S. although this is a pretty lame demand. DPJ would have to be crazy to call a general election they would in all likelihood lose.;

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so the merry go round starts up once more!!! only moves in circles doesn't go anywhere.

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GW: "Get up their & shame these A-holes into helping the people of Tohoku, just BLODDY DEMAND it. This country's politicians are disgusting beyond belief, SHAME on all these putzes!"

I agree with you 100%, but they won't do it. Instead, like with many companies, rather than avoid healthy competition or hurting the other guy by doing good business, Noda wants to merge with the opposition so that they can ALL agree to screw the 'customer'. You see it all the time here: phone companies, cell-phone carriers, air-travel companies... they could all drop prices like Qantas and get more customers, but instead they all agree to price-gouge at the same time or make contracts stricter by the same means, etc.

The DPJ SHOULD really stick it to the LDP, but if they form one party they won't have to and can instead, as I said, agree to screw everyone over with zero opposition, and if they form a grand coalition no one loses in the next Lower House election. Fortunately the weasel Tanigaki wants power to himself for the time being and so is rejecting the idea. If Noda DID stick it to the LDP he would earn a LOT of respect -- as it is, we're just seeing the same old same old, and I reckon that will continue for a few more PMs.

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So you guys understand who were really behind forcing Kan to resign, I hope so.

They are LDP tied with bureaucrats, Media and the Rich. Kan was fighting for little guys. He was fighting against bureaucrats. He was fighting against TEPCO ( former bureaucrats). He was fighting for no NUKE. Do you know who runs Kaidanren? Do you know who owns media?

It is so unreasonable for LDP to do this. TShame!!

This guy Noda is just starting his job less than 24 hrs ago. Are you guys willing to go back to LDP again after 56 yrs of failing policy making that eventually led Japan to helpless country? I do not think you are willing to do that. They (LDP) are total idiots!!! You guys need to stand up tall and fight against these total idiots.

Pray for Japan

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It's all orchestrated by the ministry of Finance to get their tax hike. They know that in order to pass the law a grand coalition is needed. Noda is just a puppet and has no will to deny their wishes. Pathetic if you ask me.

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Ha, yet another election blaring so soon?

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Japanese peoples do not trust LDP too

They do not seem a party of Japanese

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u bet Tanigaki that by the time the next election will be dated, your party would again be a looser .. lp speaking ..

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Look who wants power now since they lost the election by a small maragin.

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And all the time there is a gent over in the corner applauding - CHINA!

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The dude is in power less than 24 hours and they are already calling for elections... I can't believe their priorities.

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If this keeps up, soon there will be lynch mobs marching towards Chiyoda Ward!

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Like some14some, not only did I call this yesterday, but as soon as Kan announced his resignation (saying whomever succeeded him would be immediately harassed by the LDP).

Wow... less than 24 hours and already the guy's under fire and the circus has started up again. I wonder if we'll have the shortest PM on record this time. He's NOT going to call a general election, and as such the LDP will probably by the end of next week be calling for his resignation.

Michael Craig: "If this keeps up, soon there will be lynch mobs marching towards Chiyoda Ward!"

If it were a nation other than Japan, that would have happened after the third PM or so, but as this is Japan we'll just hear a lot more 'Shou ga nai, ne" with drawn out sighs and downcast eyes.

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Yes, but the Tohoku people are angry at DPJ handling of the crisis. As I have stated many times LDP was behind what happened in this country and again what's happening in the moment. If it was other place the ruling party would use the chance to point finger but instead here they fight internally who's fraction will be on top. I say both sides are rotten but public should give chance the current leaders to do their job. Kan was best in recent years, hope Noda does even better although I had sympathy for Maehara.

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