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LDP close behind Koike's party in Tokyo assembly race: poll


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I had to laugh last night watching the news. The mouthpiece for the LDP stated that it would be bad for people to vote for Koike's party as it would give them to much power and no checks, so they could push through anything they would like. Exactly the situation we have right now in the National Diet, with the LDP having complete control and are able to push through terrible bills, like the new anti-terrorism bill, and soon to come the revised constitution bill.

I guess it is only good when the LDP have power and nobody else!

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LDP close behind Koike's party in Tokyo assembly race: poll

"Ladies First !"

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Are we supposed to be surprised? The LDP's agenda is to re-emerge Japan as a great world power both culturally and military. If necessary with coercion!! It's all about making other countries prey to Japanese cultural dominance, unfortunately!:( How much cultural impact does foreign countries have in Japan? Where there even is a resentment towards foreigners and their culture! I'm just saying that Japan should be more grateful for influence from countries in the west and of course, China. Instead of trying to squeeze some more "Japanization"/Cool Japan into these countries. Without them, you wouldn't have reached the same scale of growth and advancement as you have. For instance the first civilization in Japan emerged and developed from China;)

A common example is the harpoon canons. While Norway's harpoon canon is more humane with 80%-percent instant kill-rate, Japan's harpoon canons only have 40%:( But still, Japan claims to have better "quality" harpoon canons:( The whales will give you the answer!!

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Koike should go immediately to China if she wins. 2008, 2010, 2012, Olympics will be held in SK, Japan and China. The golden opportunity can't be missed. SK, Japan and China must unite and develop common technologies that would be shared and the investment would be efficiently utilized. Don't expect Abe knows this.

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Only thing Tokyo is good compared with other capitals of the world is we are safe from terrorism (so far). Other things I do not care much. Koike-san, keep it in your mind.

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Some 57.2% said they have not decided yet.

And, they will not vote.

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It's vile that grumpy old men are a choice of governmence even No2 choice is vomit inducing. How many LDP members are or have required a stay at a mental institution, more than you would guess. And a PM who has already resigned due to tummy trouble.

When your leaders are mentally, physically impaired does not bode well for the future.

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This news  will encourage undecided people to make up their mind.  Olympic will be held in one city in one country so she only needs to concentrate in Tokyo.  When her party becomes the major Tokyo party.Toyota, Nissan, and. Other auto companies along with Nintendo, various tire companies will spend ad money in Tokyo.

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Koike, don't go China, their is no blue sky.  Smog on Sky and they cook food on coal.  Don't go S Korea.  It s too close to N Korea.  If you want to inspect safe next Olympic site  there is Los Angels.    Unlike S Korea, GIs you dont see.

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I'm no fan of Koike's but ANYTHING would be better than more LDP.

Time for a change.

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Its really amazing that besides the blip by the DPJ a few years ago, Japan is and has been a one party state for its entire post WWII history.

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@theperson. not only a one party state, but look into their bloodlines.

i don't like a party with a name like Tokyo First. 23 million is not all of japanese, but control is 100% in tokyo. of course anything is better than our Dear Leader and his party.

i remember a few moons back, a major election shock victory happened with Hatoyama and his promise to remove\reduce US presence in Okinawa. there was an overwhelming turnout. but, he went to the US, shock the US leaders hand and quit. all japanese people i knew gave up on voting after that. no point.

this survey of 1000 people, two thirds of responders, shows 52% don't give a monkeys.

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Its really amazing that besides the blip by the DPJ a few years ago, Japan is and has been a one party state for its entire post WWII history.

To be honest its quite depressing to see the same feudal lords who were responsible for destroying the lives of peasant farmers before WWII have been doing the very same but under disguise of a political party named LDP, so the process of exploiting middle and lower class never actually ended.

by the way shouldn't the headlines be

"Koike's party ahead of LDP"?

I am not a native English speaker, just wondering why LDP gets more importance than the one in lead?

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Headline should read, "Majority of voters undecided just days before vote."

57% undecided just 6 days before the vote means that people aren't yet convinced Koike can govern, yet don't want the LDP to take control. the 25% supporting each party are the core supporters with the remaining 50% having no allegiances to any party.

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Komeito has a fair following and this time they support Koike over the LDP.

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Pacint: given the way the LDP has been dumping on them and threatening them in favor of Isshin no Tou I wouldn't be surprised if you are correct.

i hope the LDP takes a serious drubbing, although I admit I'm disappointed with how Koike sold out in Toyoso pre-election. Of course, even if the LDP takes said drubbing Abe will just say, "I take responsibility for this, but will not step down as it would cause confusion when we need stability. Instead, I pledge to make things clearer and vow to be honest and listen to the citizens to ensure that from now on this does not happen. Now, onto my mandated Contitutional revisions, please! No arguments, please cooperate. We'll debate it after it passes and I'll make the people understand over a period of five years."

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I'll just be glad when those damn vans are gone

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25% supporting each party are the core supporters with the remaining 50% having no allegiances to any party...

The article is mistranslated. The Kyodo poll actually asked two questions, but the translator seems to assume there was one question - a cause of confusion.

So here are two questions asked in the poll:

(1) Have you decided which party to vote for?

(2) If so, which party are you going to vote for?

Over 57% responded as undecided in the first question. Now, among those who answered Yes to the first question (a subset of the entire respondents), 26% said they support Tomin-no_Kai, 25% LDP, etc.

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Add 14% Komeito.

Split for other parties was also given this morning.

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I really hope Koike kicks some LDP old wrinkled butt. As some have already said-" ANYTHING is better than the LDP

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None of them appear particularly enthusiastic - except for that guy in the blue jacket, who just appears to be insane.

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What is really wrong with Japanese people, how can 26% still be

supporting the LDP despite all the scandals by the LDP and Abe ?

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odd way to write it that the LDP are behind instead of stating Koike is out in front. Can the press not say it?

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Koike is top from six members.  LDP is losing.

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Ha, ha grumpy old men are sad, loosing to of all things a woman!!

Thats so funny!

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On national election, Komeito may follow attitude of Tokyo Komeito. It might not ally with LDP.

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LDP will be like DPJ. some hearts ago.  It is now began the route to perishing.  What happened to Ishiin no Kai?  No one is interested?  Tomlin include people who can't vote but live in Tokyo.

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Really hoping for Koike. She's a million times better than the previous dolt, and one of the best options in Japan atm anyway. Could've done a lot better with Tsukiji but oh well.

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Tsukiji. Improvement will be very costly as it is 19th century building.

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drluciferJune 26  12:37 pm JST

What is really wrong with Japanese people, how can 26% still be

supporting the LDP despite all the scandals by the LDP and Abe ?

74% of the electorate don't support the LDP, which is encouraging. If only that meant the LDP only had 26% of the seats in local governments and the National Diet.

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