LDP policy chief apologizes for Fukushima disaster gaffe


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It is inexcusable if my remarks caused bitter feelings and anger

No Sanae-chan, what is inexcusable is that an airhead like you is in such a position.

The LDP has a hefty lead over opposition parties

This has me completely baffled.

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Abe and his aides are keen to avoid any PR fiascos.

Then they should all lock themselves away from the press and public.

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Well said Zichi. No need for addition al comments.

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"Takaichi apologized and told reporters that she was withdrawing the remarks. “I am withdrawing all my comments regarding energy policy,” she told reporters. “It is inexcusable if my remarks caused bitter feelings and anger.”"

A teachable moment for this rabid right-winger and most Japanese politicians regardless of party; you cannot "withdraw" a comment any more than you can withdraw saliva from a person face after you have spit in it or withdraw the sting from a face after you have slapped it. The saliva may be wiped away and the sting will fade but the intent cannot be withdrawn and will never be forgotten.

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The LDP has a hefty lead over opposition parties

This has me completely baffled.

The opposition parties are all useless too, so it's not so surprising. If you're just exchanging one bunch of idiots for another it's hardly worth bothering.

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This woman is a BLOODY IDIOT!! She needs not only to be FIRED but make her give back all the money she has been getting paid from our Japanese taxes!!

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prompted a warning from Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga that politicians should watch what they say.

Hahahahaha! Good one there, Suga!

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zichi brings up a significant point though, what about those mortgages and car loans to useless homes and cars? Why isn't there loan amnesty for all those affected? Oh, but LDP can give $1 billion loans out to other things and is too busy trying to drum up new nuclear business. It's just such a colossal insult. How can the media ignore such traitorous behaviour? Thus the slip up from this minister that she probably doesn't care or barely notices the hardship isn't surprising given that LDP have already abandoned all 160,000 already

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Too little, too late, Sanae-san.

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more than 1,000 people died from related causes such as suicide and delayed medical care as a result of evacuations.

They really have blood in their hands.

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The problem here isn't that Takaichi said these things, but rather that her feeling was that they were in line with LDP policy and that they would be supported. These sort of "slips" give us insight into the closed-door discussions going on at the LDP, and seem to confirm all the other evidence that the LDP's policy is, and will continue to be, "deny, deny, deny".

Takaichi's only problem is being too honest to be a politician in Japan. Forcing Takaichi's resignation just removes an honest politician from the mix and does absolutely nothing to deal with the underlying problem, which is LDP policy.

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That is odd. I know of two people who have died because of the Fukushima radiation. And have they not found quite a few children with thyroid cancer already?

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"Abe and his aides are keen to avoid any PR fiascos."

Ummm... mission failed, again and again.

"It is inexcusable if my remarks caused bitter feelings and anger"

No, your comments are inexcusable, bottom line, regardless of any justified reaction of anger and bitterness.

The saddest part in all this is that she'll keep her position and the LDP be reelected for the most part.

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"Why isn't there loan amnesty for all those affected?" Excellent question and an even better idea!

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Well said, zichi. Plus, it's not over.

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“It is inexcusable if my remarks caused bitter feelings and anger.”

It would be nice if politicians use that atrophied part of the brain called empathy and conscious.

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She actually made the comments on two separate occasions over the course of a couple of days if I recall correctly. She does not need to wait to have Abe shit can her, she could resign and fall on her own sword.

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“I am withdrawing all my comments regarding energy policy,”

Must be great to just be able to hit reset any time you want and be able to magically "withdraw" all your comments on something. Japanese politicians and bureaucrats really do live in an alternate universe.

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There have been no known radiation deaths so far, Wait Miss Sanae.... you will see death and radiation caused illnesses after many years or so. How stupid can you get...your fate doesn't lies solely with Mr. Abe. You can resign whenever you like. That simple.

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She, indeed, exposed (too soon) their planned agenda.

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Japanese Green Party !

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Calling this a 'gaffe' is very much making light of it. She should be sacked for this.

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The arrogance and self importance of those in power is an affront to the people of Japan! Takaichi shows herself not only to be so but also to be lazy and incompetent in not researching the truth.

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Notice that no politician are resigning themselves nowadays in Japan, sign of change ?

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this is how she feels, no reason for her to resign and let LDP promote nuclear business at home and abroad :(

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That no one has died from radiation exposure is simply a statement of fact. Where exactly are her offensive remarks? The article does not say.

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