LDP panel chief wants tax system better suited to digital economy


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Good idea. There needs to be international coordination to stop digital operations essentially being tax free

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Notice how the mind-set is weighted towards one side of the coin, tax collection, and not the other ... fair and up-to-date digital redistribution of those taxes.

The brief nod towards redistribution is 'going cashless'. But that may be little more than a euphemism for 'give us all your data, and we will take a little less money from you than otherwise'. Or more bluntly, 'trust us'.

I have dim hopes we will emerge from the stone age regarding tax dispersion.

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Japan is definitely in need of tax reform and upgrading. I am leaving Japan next month and cannot do my tax return from overseas. It can only be done from within Japan and paid into a Japanese bank and you must have a Japanese address. That means, my ¥200,000 tax rebate will cost me over ¥200,000 to claim because I will have to return to Japan to do it or it becomes a gift to the Japanese tax agency. TIJ!

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Akira Amari is or could have been a genuine successor, ill health aside.

Shinzō Abe however politically through Akira Amari under a tram in his most venerable moment.

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Existing taxation rules are based on where firms' permanent offices are located rather than where they make their profits, motivating companies to position their offices in favorable tax jurisdictions.

Profits are a function of revenues minus expenses.

I guess revenues come from the place where the person making a purchase resides, so that place has something to do with it.

But what about the expenses side of the ledger? A large e-commerce operation probably pays for lots of software developers and lots of computing resources.

It would be odd if revenues were taxed, without considering the expenses of running such an e-commerce operation - but these revenues and expenses are typically going on in different jurisdictions.

I wonder how it will work, hmm :)

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PLS do not forget to have this in simple English too.

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That means, my ¥200,000 tax rebate will cost me over ¥200,000 to claim because I will have to return to Japan to do it or it becomes a gift to the Japanese tax agency.

I'd rather make it a little holiday just out of spite!

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Well it’s good that the man is doing this. Because, with the rapidly aging population causing more and more strain on their pension system, they can use all the revenue they can get to preserve it. I mean within reason of course.

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Amari also called for the economy to be supported after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year, saying, "We should avoid a bleak economic situation after hosting such a festival."

I thought the Olympics were supposed to bring lasting economic benefits to Japan. Is Amari admitting it's all a fraud and a massive waste of money?

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All I ever see is the government make things worse so NO THANKS! If they ever take a step back, they are guaranteed to take two steps forward! They should not even be taxing us non-rich people anyway and certainly not taxing us for buying food! If they are going to do anything its cut the bloat, down-size the government and SAVE MONEY, not come up with "improvements" in collections!

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Do the hustle, you might be able to designate a friend as your "tax agent" so that they can file for you. (I've done it for others before, and I am really quite clueless. Just took their forms to their city office in the tax season, took a number, gave over all the paperwork and waited while someone there did all the forms and calculations. In two cases, I simply handed over the person's Japan bank details - and the recipient of the refund was later able to take the money out using their bank card at an ATM at home. In one case, the guy had lost his card so the refund went to my account and I did a wire transfer later. Pain in the backside.)

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