LDP panel proposes breaking up TEPCO

By Takaya Yamaguchi and Kentaro Hamada

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like Japan's past war history, word TEPCO will gradually disappear from Business Books, that's seems the purpose.

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The share price is getting down around the buy range.

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finally, some sense

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this should have happened immediately after 3.11, but the gov't wanted to protect shareholders instead. a colossal failure on both parts.

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Sadly, I don't think breaking up the company will make any difference. It will probably be worse cos it will just mean more money hungry investors trying to make a profit from a dying horse at the expense of the public. This whole situation is nothing but a huge money out for Japan, but TEPCO is directly responsible. The government should be ordering them to get their shit together, forget their penny-pinching BS and this bloody mess under control. The scandals with the labor force are ridiculous. There was a report stating that TEPCO should be employing more professionals, but they are not gonna go there and work for peanuts nor are they gonna be go there while the Yaks are skimming wages. TEPCO should not be broken up or liquidated. They should be made to take full responsibility and get it cleaned up regardless of profits.

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A big difference between this proposal and the one talked about couple of years ago...originally it was about keeping part of Tepco running to deal with the Fukushima mess and selling off the rest of its electricity generating / distributing business to other energy companies thus at the same time increasing competition in the market place and hopefully through increased competition/ reduced prices giving a break to the consumer/ taxpayer for footing Tepco,s mess.

Now, the talk is about separating / having a part of Tepco deal with the mess, (naturally, using taxpayer money ) and allowing the rest of the useless managment keep its monopoly power distribution business in Kanto intact and running handsome profits again ( no doubt they,d find a way to keep the profits as they,d be a " different " company from the one stumbling through the Daiichi mess )... shareholders, N village , amakudari leeches win, customers / taxpayers loose.... Watch it happen.

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This is just a proposal. Govt, can't order because TEPCO is not owned by Govt, but by share holders.

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The best was to first declare TEPCO bankrupt (financially, morally and intellectually). Sack all directors n managers. Contract a foreign firm to transform the energy sector, including TEPCO. And then follow their recommendations. An internal restructuring process led by same corrupt n greedy nuke village in collaboration with some current corrupt politicians will not help Japanese sector

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TEPCO can;t declare Bankruptcy because it has to follow Bankruptcy Laws of Japan. It released 1st 1.2 year result. (In another business section of JT,you will see,) 616,1 billion yen,

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