LDP policy chief visited Unification Church-linked facility


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It is really unconscionable that it took the murder of Abe to open the curtain and see the strings of who has been making politicians dance.

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He did not mention any financial relationship in his response.

All these documented visits, conferences and speeches given by these LDP bigwigs were done out of a genuine concern and interest in their constituency, totally uncompensated, didn't you know that?

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Of course he did! They are all tainted with links to the UC in one form or another.

Even if there is a single LDP member out there who has had zero interactions with anything to do with the UC, and received no financial donations or assistance etc. they are still tainted by their ongoing association to the LDP.

The LDP is showing on a daily basis that it’s rotten to the core and anyone who continues to be associated with it should be considered part of the rot.

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Rotten Japan!

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Drain the swamp Mr. Kishida, or comes the next election the people will.

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Good article in Asahi for background. https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14693688

LDP / Moonies relationship spans 50 years dating back to Abe's gran pappy. Also, interesting figure was Sasakawa, Ryoichi, the right winger who was also the chairman of the All Japan Karatedo Federation. Moonies are ingrained in the fabric...

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Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

They can call it whatever they want, but it is a syndicate of extortionists and tax evaders that includes many senior politicians and bureaucrats.

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Explains in part why Hagiuda was initially reluctant to take the LDP policy chief position when Kishida asked him.

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Kishida said then that he asked all ministers to "check and strictly review any links to the group in question to avoid public doubts and appointed only those who have agreed to do so."

Worked like a treat it seems.

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I wonder how the right wingers are processing this. The hated Koreans being so far in bed with the Japanese Establishment.

you made laugh. I would love to ask those speaker trucks guys if they are monies.

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At some point news articles should just make a list of those working in important posts of the current goverment that have NOT been (yet) discovered having links with the unification church, it would be easier to make.

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I wonder how the right wingers are processing this.

Nothing to process here, maybe looking more carefully next time. Look, what would the alternative for those politicians have been? Not so much better, because it’s difficult in general for politicians to not meet with people who have directly written peace and world unity and all such phrases on their flag. Their would quickly have been an otherwise complaining too, that they are right winged and heartless and deny to meet with those oh so peaceful religious and unpolitical believers etc.

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Don't worry. This time next month, it will be business as usual.

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The Kyodo News survey showed that 106 of Japan's 712 lawmakers have had some connection with the group, with nearly 80 percent of them belonging to the LDP.

About 15% or 1 in 7 overall, not enough to get hysterical about. A quiet cull will solve the immediate issue then they can perhaps start on some legislation to ban such organisations and seize their assets.

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Mark Today  08:42 am JST

Drain the swamp Mr. Kishida, or comes the next election the people will.

Mark - I think we both know that ain't gonna happen. No matter what depths of corruption the LDP get caught in, they're guaranteed to get voted in again every time. This is a de facto one-party state.

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It is ironic that Japanese ultranationalist elites spend years of hating Koreans so much that they don't see any problem with being dominated by Korean fascists. This saga also confirms the lingering conspiracy theories that Koreans control Japan since the dawn of Imperial Japan. Again, this is not surprising at all because Baekje refugees essentially founded the core imperial elites of Japan including the Imperial Family of Japan.

On top, you have Americans ruling Japan as the foreign shoguns. Secondly, you have ethnic Koreans ruling the Japanese bureaucracy and economy. Thirdly, you have "pure Yamato" Japanese elites doing odd jobs for ethnic Korean elites in Japan.

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The Avenger said it all, they probably would like more the old days when their activity was under the radar, nowadays people are smarter and educated and thei are spoted as flys.

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Should investigate the money transaction between LDP & UC, the relationship between Shinzo Abe and the church should be investigated !

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