LDP predicted to win between 257 and 306 seats in election

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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A solid majority for the LDP - the same party responsible for the malaise Japan is currently in ( yeah sure DPJ didn,t help much either in their 3 short years ) but a solid majority for the creators of the current outdated,inflexible, inbred, corrupt vested interest and amakudari infested system whose main policy consists of proposing spending more money the country doesn,t have for white elephant projects it doesn,t need and return Japan to the heyday of pork barrel politics - Just unbelievable....

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Oh god, no the LDP. Well, this will be the last election of Japan because by next election, there will be no more Japan. Those pillocks couldn't manage a fish tank, let alone a major and powerful nation.

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That's it.

I'm going back to England.

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I seriously wonder what kind of people respond to these polls. Surely no one in their right mind could contemplate voting for the LDP?

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Bertie - it sure makes me think about going back too.

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LDP will press bottons on all nuke plants to start and BOJ will lose independence. Ahhhhh.......

This is it!! I will never see Japan again.

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I'd like to go too, but the kids would probably side with their mother (sigh)

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Ewan HuzarmyDec. 07, 2012 - 10:14AM JST

I'd like to go too, but the kids would probably side with their mother (sigh)

Hope your kids are not Japanese citizens. I left Japan for the best interest of my kids. With all talks rewriting Japanese Constitutions, I am not so sure. Nationalism in Japan is merging very fast and there is no way to stop it.Sad.

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If LDP wins then it's the fault of the apathetic voters! Ughhhhh Japan is really getting out of control.

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I really hope this isn't true, but it's hard to be sure when half the people claim they don't know who they will vote for. Still, the election is unconstitutional and the results will have to be annulled. I look forward to reading the tortuous "logic" the supine supreme court will come up with to avoid that.

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which means a big victory for the LDP even though there is little enthusiasm among the voters either for the LDP or for its leader, Mr Abe.”

Many people on this site critisized the GOP here in America because they said Romney was a weak candidate and it was unfortunate that he was the best they could find. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot, and Japan is going to have a spoiled/silver-spoon life-long politician as PM. And the only options are voting for the DPJ, which has been a terrible disappointment, or a couple of nationalist cooks. Good luck with that. Guess people really do get the government they deserve. Glad my future is no longer tied to this charade.

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JT the article headline is misleading "LDP predicted to win between 257 and 306 seats in election"So how did you reach the figure of seats ??? when you contradict yourself with"However, surveys of some 100,000 voters also showed up to 40% were undecided how to vote? ????? So hypothetically, what if those 40% voted for the DPJ what would be the outcome????

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Good point!

The article seems a bit unbalanced, maybe somewhat promotional.

With the recent influx of new parties, I think the probability is high that no party is going to win a majority.

The LDP will be strong in the countryside, benefiting from the anti TPP stance, but what about the cities?

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Well, to be fair, lots of that 40% may not show up at the ballot box at all, and that would favor the most popular party. Combined with the fact the LDP is in the lead, those that show up are likely to think "#$%! it, I might as well vote for the winning side. A coalition government won't get anything done, so I'll just throw in with the LDP and hope it works out."

Count in these two factors, and it is plausible the LDP may win the majority.

@Akemi They might not be brilliant, but they kept Japan more or less afloat for 50 years.

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Tetsushi Kajimoto's article indicated that even if LDP wins a majority on its it still needs to find allies in the upper house where no party has a majority and which can block legislation. This is going to be a big problem. All LPDhas to do is to look at the current Australian situation to feel for first hand how difficult the current Australian Labour Government fare in such circumstances and the slow and torturous road to have Legislation passed

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All those going back to England - off you pop. Tories are so much better are they? Ruling the wasteland left behind by "New" Labour? Massive taxes? Loud and leery ladettes? Friday night punchup in the local boozer? Even with LDP in power Japan sounds like a better deal.

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I have heard that the media is exaggerating the LDP's chances, to influence voters to concede. I don't know if it is true, but it doesn't surprise me. No one I know is voting for LDP candidates...

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bruinfan-- most of the news outlets are exaggerating the LDP because it 'makes drama'. Somebody's gotta be the big kid on the block.

As for the LDP voters, they're out there (especially in the areas that like big helpings of pork) but the LDP is still not a real driving force of political will in Japan. Whatever is left of it, that is.

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I seriously wonder what kind of people respond to these polls. Surely no one in their right mind could contemplate voting for the LDP?

The same old farts that put people like Ishihara into office. Simply put, not enough young people care enough to vote. They'd rather vote in AKB elections instead, which is REALLY sad.

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