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LDP unveils campaign platform, hinting at sales tax hike


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I really dislike the use of the word "manifesto". It makes me think of Karl Marx and the communist manifesto. Why not use a term like "party platform" instead?

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"In the area of child care and education, the LDP vows to waive educational fees for children aged three to five in three years’ time".

Yeh, good one LDP, making policies for 3 years time, some help that will be, by then the birth rate would have slipped under 1.0 and Japan will be facing an unreversable death of its culture (see dangerous demographics on youtube).

Where do the LDP cronies get their ideas from?

The inside of onigiri wrappers?

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After I posted the previous comment, the language in the article changed. Sorry about that.

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ilcub76: You're not wrong, though... the Japanese themselves use 'manifesto' all the time, and in fact it was the DPJ's calling card under Naoto Kan a few years back -- just a big picture of him pumping a fist over top the word 'Manifesto' (in English).

"LDP President Aso is set to go on a stumping tour this weekend, with Niigata Prefecture selected as the destination for his first street speech outside Tokyo."

I look eagerly forward to reading about the daily gaffes this man makes, and the subsequent slip in polls, not to mention the general panic of the LDP as the rats leave the ship.

FineDiner: "Where do the LDP cronies get their ideas from?"

It says right in the article: "The LDP appears to have imitated the ideas presented by the DPJ,"

But of course, that's only for ideas they know are rock-solid. The other ones they seem to craft from someone's forgotten dog droppings.

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Wow, the underdog promising to raise taxes in hopes of winning support! Fantastic strategy!


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increase in the 5% consumption tax

Should five per cent appear too small, Be thankful I don't take it all. 'Cause I'm the taxman, Yeah, I'm the taxman.

Beatles: Taxman

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Don't know why the LDP keeps beating this dead horse...even school children know that raising sales taxes will further depress the economy, reduce buying power, and overburden companies that are already weakened by the depression.

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Both the LDP and DPJ seem to have no idea on how to help out Japan's economy...instead of increasing taxes (and sales tax at that...), why don't they try to cut down on spending?

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An interesting comment was made by an LDP lawmaker, and quoted in The Japan Times yesterday - rather than risk getting tied down to promises they can't keep by stating how much their policies will cost, the LDP have no intention of putting price tags on their education and welfare plans. Really fills you with confidence, doesn't it.

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The LDP wouldnt know what a manifesto was if it found it floating in its collective Miso Soup. They are a collection of dinosaurs, out of touch with the real world. They are already headed for defeat, and now they offer the general public of Japan this amazing st of mindless promises, real vote killers. The idea of raising the Consumption Tax will be the final nail in the LDPs coffin. Good riddance to this coalition of nutcases come August 31st.

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Just re-read this article and I see that the LDP aims to give the Japanese people the "highest percapita invome in the world" in 10 yearstime. That has got to be one of the funnisest things I have ever read on this website. The LDP are so far removed from reality, its amazing. In 10 years time, the Japanese economy will probably sink to No. 10 in the world, with the rise of China and India, Korea, the US, UK, EU and many other countries far surpassing it. I havent seen any Japanese politicians with enough wit to prevent Japan`s inevitable decline.

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